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in a precise manner

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IN her excellent article in the Western Mail (March 19), Carolyn Hitt's description of Eddie Jones' press conference performance as "charmless" was incisively apt.
Finkiel incisively builds his lead characters, subtly developing relationships along with alienation, resentment and racism to paint a picture of an average Joe whose weaknesses are distressingly commonplace.
He then swept to victory in the first semi-final by powering incisively under the new Premier League Riders Champion Ulrich Ostergaard, with Peterbrough's captain then falling while trying to respond a lap later.
In this book the author does not just identify the treaties that attempt to govern this waterway, but incisively examines what the treaties can do to promote sustainable peace in the region.
In some passages, she straddles the fine line of self-pity; in other instances, she speaks incisively about her experiences of desire, disappointment or loss in ways that seem universal.
("Homes were not the projects through which Maaskant showed off his skill," Provoost notes, incisively adding: "They were how he made money.") Specially commissioned for the new edition is a photo essay by Iwan Baan, who showcases Maaskant's buildings as they were "adjusted, transformed, ruined, or restored," Provoost writes, "but always part of the city that they aimed to shape."
But now we are starting to pass the ball more quickly, incisively - and as a result we are starting to look a much more dangerous team.
Uruguay don't move the ball anywhere near as quickly or incisively as Spain but have topclass forwards who will make the most of any opportunities that come their way.
Now exactly how much justice can you afford?" Both cartoons incisively poke fun at one of our most long-standing and respected social institutions: the adversary system of trial court justice.
The text further explains how effective leaders think clearly and incisively, as they rely on core values and consistent approaches to leveraging human capital.
Levin Becker speaks incisively about the figures who informed the Oulipo's first gestures, its "plagiarists by anticipation," and also about the people whom it came to influence in turn.
Andres Iniesta slid a perfect pass through to incisively split the Bilbao defense to find Lionel Messi and the Argentine grabbed his 73rd goal of the season with a precision finish into the roof of the net at the near post.
SQUAREPUSHER Ufabulum Thirteen albums into his incisively modern and wide-ranging career, Squarepusher Tom Jenkinson could be expected to be running short of ideas.
Much more incisively, Bernd Lange (S&D, Germany) commented that "ACTA will probably be buried before next summer".
He described PSP attitude with regards to developments as being incisively comprehensive.