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Synonyms for incised

sharply and deeply indented

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cut into with a sharp instrument

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cut or impressed into a surface

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05 were conducted to analyze any significant difference in the drying rate between incised and unincised teak and mahogany specimens.
Re-epitheliazation of the relaxing incision without obvious scarring occurs, which allows the incised edges to remain separate.
Clinical experience in hypospadias: results of tubularized incised plate in 496 patients.
The liquid ink is smeared on the incised lines by fingertip, followed by sprinkling with water and wiping with a rag, repeating the sprinkling/wiping cycle as necessary until the leaf is clean [Figs.
Stemming from these results, he rejects the idea of a Melanesia-wide incised and applied relief tradition post-dating the first Lapita settlement.
1545-51), its provisional attribution to Mantua surprises since Renaissance pottery production at that center appears to be nearly wholly limited to incised slipware and rather undistinguished tin-glazed wares.
The diagnostic features of the morroensis type are strong papillation and absence of incised spiral grooves.
He called his technique of incised lines and built-up surfaces intaglio-relief.
Santa Clara Pueblo is located 45 miles north of Santa Fe and has a long tradition of creating deeply incised blackware pottery.
It is one of the most common of the simple, incised motifs which accompany many epitaphs in the catacombs of Rome and elsewhere (the earliest known example being found in Asia Minor).
A pottery fragment found at the Israeli site bears the incised symbol of King Narmer, one of the earliest known Egyptian rulers.
Clad by Joke Visser in skin-simple black trunks for the men, black leotards and sheer tights for the women, the performers manipulated strange stones incised with hieroglyphs.
A huge figure of a horse, incised on a hill in Berkshire, England, by cutting away the turf covering the white chalk downs.
Planters rest on a concrete floor incised with a tile pattern.