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Synonyms for incipient

Synonyms for incipient

of, relating to, or occurring at the start of something

Synonyms for incipient

only partly in existence


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This narrative resolution to the prevailing closet-imposed violence through interadolescent and nonfamilial solidarity can be read as an incipiently emerging law of a radically different kind beyond the ban (Laclau, The Rhetorical Foundations 207-20) under which LGBTIQ children and pubescents are denied symbolic existence and sexual subjectivity.
It allows philosophy to seize upon and disseminate the qualitative distinction which this incipiently philosophical science had begun to introduce within the ontological univocity which modern science had tended to attribute to nature in concert with a more generalised forgetting of being in philosophy and beyond.
The computer intelligence unifies clusters of techniques applied, even incipiently, as an additional tool to make decision in vegetal and animal breeding programmes.
Private property will be defended and supported on the grounds that it is critical to the dependency of the family on the father (and mother), indeed, that private property is necessary for the continuing extension in time of the relationship of dependence and dependability shown incipiently in biological generation: private property humanizes and socializes biological generation.
At first incipiently and then assertively a series of developments led to embrace a change of policy and its implementation in the second half of the 2000s.
71) The basic goods or reasons for action are, moreover, despite their normative force, only incipiently moral.
The Windellama HGL comprises Ordovician interbedded deep marine sandstones, siltstones, black shales and cherts, and incipiently metamorphosed equivalents of the Adaminaby and Bendoc Groups (Jenkins et al.
Brazilian CFPA is still incipiently developed, as evidenced by Faria (2012).
2 mm) had round and incipiently pigmented eyes; the yolk was completely absorbed, and the mouth was terminal and open (Fig.
The 'blood call [that] summons her back to her tribe' (43) suggests a racial essentialism that no amount of 'nurture' could eradicate or tame, while Jedda's incipiently sexual longings for Marbuck also place her in the age-old category of Eve, whereby women's sexual curiosity and disobedience lead to trouble for themselves and others.
Elaine de Kooning's incipiently burgeoning reputation is likely to accelerate as a result of the handsome catalogue produced by the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery to accompany its 2015 show--rather remarkably, the artist's first in a premier venue.
Although incipiently gender perspective emerges to make the central point that the "objectification" of women is something inherent to all forms of prostitution, the question of how it affects the social representation of all women in the collective imagination is not raised.
specifically in football), the term holism or global formation of the player is present even if incipiently.