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Synonyms for incipient

Synonyms for incipient

of, relating to, or occurring at the start of something

Synonyms for incipient

only partly in existence


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Nevertheless, according to my view, varieties are species in the process of formation, or are, as I have called them, incipient species.
Holgrave gazed at her, as he rolled up his manuscript, and recognized an incipient stage of that curious psychological condition which, as he had himself told Phoebe, he possessed more than an ordinary faculty of producing.
But no symptom of that incipient affection which was to govern her life, could either of her parents ever discover; and in the exhibitions of her attachments, there was nothing to be seen but that quiet and regulated esteem, which grows out of association and good sense, and which is so obviously different from the restless and varying emotions that are said to belong to the passion of love.
Before very long Dona Rita and Blunt rejoined us and we sat down around the table; but before we could begin to talk a dramatically sudden ring at the front door stilled our incipient animation.
Then the incipient assassin held a basin of water under my chin and slopped its contents over my face, and into my bosom, and down the back of my neck, with a mean pretense of washing away the soap and blood.
A volunteer surgeon in the first days out in the Philippines, he had made a particular study of leprosy, and had observed so many lepers that infallibly, except in the incipient beginnings of the disease, he could pick out a leper at a glance.
It is more than probable that, in the disordered state of his thoughts, he would soon have fallen into some suspicious, if not fatal, error had not his incipient attempts been interrupted by a fierce growl from the quadruped.
It appeared to me that the eggs from which young Insurers were hatched, were incubated in dust and heat, like the eggs of ostriches, judging from the places to which those incipient giants repaired on a Monday morning.
When Carlotta heard of the astounding reception bestowed upon her understudy, she was at once cured of an incipient attack of bronchitis and a bad fit of sulking against the management and lost the slightest inclination to shirk her duties.
I very well understand this is not the fashionable, or possibly the polite way of describing those incipient sentiments which form the germ of love in the virgin affections of young ladies, and that a skillful and refined poet would use very different language on the occasion; but I began this history to represent things as they are, and such is the manner in which "Love's Young Dream" appears to a pocket-handkerchief.
Though Arnot stands by his title for the breast cancer book, he says he couldn't use prevention this time because so many men already have incipient prostate cancer and it can't be prevented.
If Ferguson's political verve and historical knowledge serve her well in these two chapters, it leaves her vulnerable and almost embarrassingly inept in the chapters on works of fiction, where there are problems ranging from simple errors of fact to gross distortions of emphasis, making Annie John, for example, into a philippic on colonial power rather than a series of stories on the growth and incipient independence of a young girl.
But Torres's name may ultimately be closely linked to what one judicial activist calls an incipient "revolution" in forfeiture law.
Indeed, incipient mulcters of the public purse could do worse than to take her version (I believe at least one other "big" book on Wedtech is in the wings) as textbook and Cicerone.
The book details those methods required to understand the physics of failure mechanisms in materials, structures, and rotating equipment; it presents strategies to detect faults or incipient failures and predict the remaining useful life of failing components.