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the act of burning something completely

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There is an urgent need for a central incineration system to safeguard people from diseases, like hepatitis, HIV, etc,' says the study conducted by Prime Institute of Public Health in collaboration with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Incineration also produces very little electricity while using a lot of energy to burn waste.
RA 9003, or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, reinforced the ban by requiring the adoption of the best practice in ecological waste management, excluding incineration.
As a resident of the town, I fully support the majority who are against the incinerator as over-capacity in incineration undermines waste prevention, the re-use and recycling of materials - although I fully agree that we do need more job opportunities in the town.
Higher background radiation levels in the greater Taipei area could reasonably be attributed to two nuclear plants in New Taipei City and the incineration of radioactive waste if there is no other nuclear facilities in the area.
It consists of an incineration plant with three fluidized bed incinerators, 45 tpd capacity each, and auxiliary equipment, plus a recycling facility with a capacity of 18 tons per five hours that performs bulky waste shredding, sorting of glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans, and bottom ash recycling.
The director Czech CKD Technical Group, which specializes in engineering and electrical industries, said the sold incineration tradition which dates back 25 years in his country, has proven successful.
The groups challenged the MMDA chief to drop his plans on incineration and instead pursue a strict Metro Manila-wide implementation of RA 9003 to ecologically deal with the Metro's garbage crisis.
Its directors formed the group partly in response to a push for more incineration capacity in Canada, and also to promote "highest and best use" standards, Ontario-based director Candice Anderson said.
The EU sends 60% of municipal waste to incineration and landfill.
We have more capacity than the production of waste in Sweden and that is usable for incineration," Catarina Ostlund, a senior advisor for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, has explained, as cited by Mother Nature Network.
Shimada Mayor Katsuro Sakurai unveiled last December his policy of accepting rubble from disaster-hit areas and will formalize the plan next month if the city finds little danger from radiation through the debris incineration test.
said Tuesday its environmental plant and equipment arm has established a marketing firm in Beijing to meet growing demand for waste incineration facilities in China.
HEALTH fears over the incineration of rubbish have increased, especially in babies and children.
by the Incineration Task Force of the Water Environment Federation.