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  • verb

Synonyms for incinerate

burn up



Synonyms for incinerate

become reduced to ashes

cause to undergo combustion

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As for Dow itself, Wooster says the company plans to explore the potential for energy recovery at its own waste-treatment facilities, such as by incinerating the plastics packaging from its incoming raw materials.
A curriculum on handling garbage describes incinerating plastics as "recycling.
Instead of incinerating some of the waste,HLC project manager Stephen Burnett said they planned to bake it rather than burn it, which releases dioxins.
The company will collect refuse derived fuel from seven waste-collecting unions in Fukuoka and Kumamoto prefectures, and generate electricity from the heat of incinerating the fuel, which it will then sell to Kyushu Electric Power Co.
This practice of incinerating the carcasses of infected animals is prevalent in Europe, where cows slaughtered in BSE prevention moves were incinerated en masse to prevent humans contracting variant CJD, which is linked to mad cow disease.
A wildfire blazes through a chaparral, incinerating the dense brush and charring the scrub oak.
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor still seems to most Americans sufficient reason for incinerating innocent women and children at Hiroshima and elsewhere.