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  • verb

Synonyms for incinerate

burn up



Synonyms for incinerate

become reduced to ashes

cause to undergo combustion

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article (Firm incinerate in that in 80% of money The more waste that is incinerated, the better Margaret JC Davies
Birmingham, Dudley and Wolverhampton also incinerate most of their waste.
This is due to strict regulation and hence the need to incinerate all medicine waste.
As this is the era of the volunteer, could I suggest considerate, lawabiding volunteers be issued with flame-throwers, a curfew on under18-year-olds be imposed and permission be granted to incinerate anybody breaking the curfew.
When its first shipment of meat was held at the airport and customs officials threatened to incinerate it, things looked particularly dire.
Unless communities incinerate their trash, Larsson and MPA advocate that users return their used contraceptive products to local pharmacies for disposal.--J.R.
Now lava threatens to incinerate Wilshire Boulevard and swallow Beverly Hills.
The hauler hasn't room for any more and says it will soon have to incinerate the collected materials.
Continuous preheater-When scrap is in bales, it is important to heat the core of each bale high enough to evaporate water and incinerate organics.
The company will incinerate 300 tons of debris every day up until around the end of August, and will continue thereafter if the furnace can handle it, the company said.
Area manager John Gallagher and council officials met yesterday to discuss the issue and have now decided to seek a license to incinerate the whales at a facility in Co Cavan on Thursday.
A farmer whose land is still blighted by more than 13,000 tonnes of ash and charred animal remains two years after the foot and mouth crisis yesterday failed in an Appeal Court bid to force the Government to incinerate the mess.