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  • verb

Synonyms for incinerate

burn up



Synonyms for incinerate

become reduced to ashes

cause to undergo combustion

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In the other film, Volcano, hot lava incinerates the streets of downtown Los Angeles.
Area manager John Gallagher and council officials met yesterday to discuss the issue and have now decided to seek a license to incinerate the whales at a facility in Co Cavan on Thursday.
A farmer whose land is still blighted by more than 13,000 tonnes of ash and charred animal remains two years after the foot and mouth crisis yesterday failed in an Appeal Court bid to force the Government to incinerate the mess.
The hauler hasn't room for any more and says it will soon have to incinerate the collected materials.
Continuous preheater-When scrap is in bales, it is important to heat the core of each bale high enough to evaporate water and incinerate organics.
Kajima Suisan insisted that it was forced to incinerate the products, which resulted in the company losing 37 million yen.
Laser blasters that blind the enemy, electromagnetic-bombs to incinerate chemical agents and a Pandora's Box of explosives that can destroy scores of tanks in a single strike are all expected to debut in the conflict, say military experts.
In fact, "a gamma-ray burst at the distance of the nearest star would, for a few seconds, outshine the Sun nearly a million-fold and would incinerate half the Earth," reports Katz.
Robin Feakins, aged 57, is waiting for a High Court decision on whether the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) ignored EC and UK regulations by failing to incinerate animals during the foot-and-mouth crisis.
THE MOST TERRIFYING moment in Jerry Bruckheimer's wretched new movie ``Bad Company'' doesn't come during the instant where a nuclear bomb threatens to incinerate New York or in one of the many embarrassing, phoned-in scenes featuring Anthony Hopkins or in the numerous depictions of execution-style murders and slit eyelids that this PG-13 movie sports.
They incinerate everything within a 600 yard radius and can kill hundreds at a time.
The United States announced 12 years ago that it would incinerate all of its toxic mustard gas and nerve agents.