incidence angle

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the angle that a line makes with a line perpendicular to the surface at the point of incidence

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Figure 3 indicates three CFD simulation models which change the solar incidence angles (0, 30, and 60 degrees).
[DELTA][[mu].sub.impeller_incidence] - Excess energy transfer coefficient due to impeller inlet incidence angle
The parameters such as incidence angle, wavelength and frequency of SAR data, and field surface roughness is used.
Transmission coefficients of linearly polarized waves at different incidence angle. (a) 15c (b) 30[degrees], (c) 45[degrees] and (d) 60[degrees].
In present study, numerical as well as experimental analysis has been carried out on irregular shape, i.e., C-shaped of the building for wind incidence angle of 0[degrees] to 180[degrees] at the interval of 30[degrees].
Figure 4 exhibits the caustic position or penetration length [[zeta].sub.c] as a function of the incidence angle i parameterized with the surface elastic energy parameter [sigma].
In addition, good performance for soil moisture estimation has been achieved using only one radar channel (one incidence angle and one polarization) [24-26]; in one study, there was no significant improvement in soil moisture estimation using two polarizations (HH and HV, C-band) as opposed to one [27].
Meanwhile, the different incidence angle as well as the wingspan of one lifting surface would influence the region and the direction of its trailing vortex sheet, respectively, and further influence the induced velocity.
Here, to determine the dependency of the incidence angle modifier (IAM) on an angle of incidence, correlation is developed.
The vertical dark bands at the sides of the tiles are edge effects due to the oblique incidence angle of the THz beam, which also distorts the shapes of the hidden defects horizontally.
When the incidence angle formed between the spherical wave and the tube wall is small, regular reflection will occur.
During the image processing, a similar concentric-circle pattern is superimposed on the shadow and Moire fringes with spacing dependent on the incidence angle of a light beam are formed.
A crosswind gust creates a change in the incidence angle of the wind, which is the origin of undesired aerodynamic loads like side force and yaw moment.
By knowing these values in addition to source light incidence angle it becomes possible to predict direction of the outgoing light (or guide the light in direction that is required) after it passes the boundary between two different mediums.