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of, relating to, or occurring at the start of something

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Furthermore, from a feminist viewpoint, the female body is also a very ambiguous issue, being both a nexus where manipulation and villainy serve to prevent men from acting loyally to the principles of the revolution and an enriching devise and a devout logo that is both inceptive of and encouraging to men's success.
18) The Court mentioned the cause of action for breach of confidence in passing before citing the case of Ontario (Attorney General) v Dieleman (1994), (19) and quoted with approval from that case where the Court held "that invasion of privacy in Canadian common law continues to be an inceptive, if not ephemeral, legal concept, primarily operating to extend the margins of existing tort doctrine.
1) These pioneers are recognized for attempting what would become more popular in the 1880s, when Eastern European Jews began immigrating to America and settling on farms, but an air of mystery surrounds this inceptive Jewish colony.
Dieleman that "invasion of privacy in Canadian common law continues to be an inceptive, if not ephemeral, legal concept.
The inceptive explorations in synthesised speech applications began in the late 18th century (Flanagan, 1972).
org/5xkbQkcij (describing the inceptive nature of Gillis's song-gathering process).
8221; The QEC was organized by an executive team comprised of 19 Queen's Commerce students and made possible by the following sponsors: Queen's Centre for Business Venturing, Queen's MBA Class of 1970 Entrepreneurship Fund, CVCA (Canada's Venture Capital & Private Equity Association), Manulife Bank, LoyaltyOne, Corplex Canada, Clean-Mark Industries, JCM Capital, Inceptive Solutions, Unilever, and Bounce Entertainment.
The ranges of meanings that arise include inceptive and permissive readings (Butt and Ramchand 2003).
In the second phase, Heidegger finds authentic temporality in the moment of inceptive founding.
As we might expect to see in poems about growing up, we find Deborah thinking about various inceptive matters.
The wide-ranging profiles of the KSOs recruited is indicative of the process of internal interpretation and negotiation between the vision of knowledge sharing conveyed by IDS at the inceptive meeting and the established institutional culture within the partner organizations.
The past inceptive aspect contrasts with the completive aspect.
They are certainly embryonic, inceptive collaborations, but they speak, I believe, in important respects, to the anxieties ushered by the failing design of citizenship, (41) notably in the context of a developing world where the thrust of citizenship was never complete in the first place.
3) the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, addressing a matter of first impression, considered whether a copy of a song made without referencing the inceptive recording or lyric sheet qualifies as a "deposit copy" for registration purposes.
Its report, Annual and Long-term Incentive Survey: Decision 2009, notes that nearly a quarter (23 percent) of companies expect their annual inceptive programs will be below threshold for 2008, while 40 percent expect their plans to come in between threshold and target.