incentive scheme

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a formal scheme for inducing someone (as employees) to do something

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The new incentive scheme will give an ample opportunity for them to be rewarded for their remarkable work.
This exciting incentive scheme for Oman travel agents was set up to recognise individuals who have shown loyalty to Oman Air and have generated maximum sales for the award winning airline.
Through the Australian R&D Tax Incentive Scheme, eligible companies may claim a 43.
The new incentive scheme for Oman travel agents was set up to recognise individuals who have shown loyalty to Oman Air and successfully sold the airline's award-winning product.
When exploring an incentive scheme I like to start with a good solid basis for developing a variable pay component.
Also, I will refer to the function p as the incentive scheme chosen by the funder.
Realizing the need of capacity building of employees in the field of IS Auditing, CISA Certification offered by the Institute of Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), USA has been introduced as an incentive scheme to the officers of the Department of the Auditor General (DAGP) for developing and strengthening the skills in this particular area, he said.
Economy Minister Jonathan Bell unexpectedly closed the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme late last week, citing budgetary pressures.
It also suggests in return, an incentive scheme would be launched which could offer discounts or invites to special events.
com)-- Procon Capital launches a new revolutionary "Trade and Take" incentive scheme in commodities.
Tax experts told to research analyst-PAGE on Friday that under the present tax incentive scheme of the PML (N), the source of investment would not be probed by the tax authorities in respect of those who set up an industrial undertaking/expansion project on or after January 1, 2014.
Earlier this month it was revealed that the London Ambulance Service was operating a cash incentive scheme for its control room staff.
THE sense of urgency now surrounding the new incentive scheme devised by Britain's Thorougbred Breeders' Scheme can be gauged by a letter sent out to selected breeders by its chief architect, Julian Richmond-Watson.
Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC) has announced that it will implement a new sales incentive scheme.
0]nce we realise that some particular incentive scheme did not work, we conclude simply that it got the incentives wrong.