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Sweet gum, red gum, sap gum, alligator-tree, alligator wood, hazel pine, incense tree, liquidambar, satin walnut, star-leaved gum.
The tourism program for the passengers of the ships included tours to the most important archaeological and historical monuments in the Governorate of Dhofar like incense trees in Wadi Adonab, Al Baleed Archaeological Park, Museum of Frankincense Land, Taqah Fort, as well as visiting the beaches and traditional markets in the Wilayat of Salalah.
showing incense trees in pots or the trees, vines and flowering plants that were planted in the Hanging gardens of Babylon, or Persians who beautified their buildings with plants in containers.
At the recent inauguration of the Museum of the Frankincense Land in Dhofar, the southern region of Oman in which the incense trees grow in semi-desert conditions, government officials, dignitaries and VIPs gathered to celebrate the opening of this long awaited, multimillion dollar facility, taking place in the season of the Khareef, the summer monsoon, when the plains and south-facing mountains are cloaked in lush greenery.
It was sent by Queen Hatshepsut to Somalia to bring back incense trees (Commiphora myrrha) The painting shows the triumphant team transporting the trees in large clay pots carried on a series of straps.