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I got hold of the beautiful little book devoted to the eight paintings called The Temptations of Solitude, and, glimpsing the cover, was hurled headlong, even before I'd opened it, into that literally miraculous world in which sturdy angels incarnadine plunge out of lowering skies, the light orange and the sea-coast crimson, where devils emerge from cisterns to catch you by the ankle and lionesses maul barbarians.
ROCK & POP The Christians/ Tahnee: 6pm, The Jam House, St Paul's Square, Birmingham; The Happy Breed / Skeletons / Incarnadine / They Came With Weapons: O2 Academy 3, Dale End, Birmingham 0121 262 3000; Touchwood Unsigned: 5pm, Library Square, Solihull; Open Mic Night: The Roadhouse, Lifford Lane, Stirchley 0121 459 5660; Open Mic Acoustic Night: The Holly Bush, Newtown Lane, Cradley Heath 0794 959 4484.
When they finally fell silent, he knew his dreams would be plagued with visions of their inviting arms, their high, pale breasts, their throbbing, incarnadine gills .
and wide open on the incarnadine, this stained glass.
Most writers regard words as mere wrapping paper, if that, forgettable as soon as uttered or written, but I do envision Gass and me lingering over some pregnant phrase--"The multitudinous seas incarnadine," say--"Making the green one red" at the expense of plot and storyline, although revering forever the tendency of one side of our brains to make a story out of just about everything--a narrative shove, or shove toward narrative, that makes story of all we say or write.
Picture the scene: a clan of the most fearsome warriors the Viking race has to offer sets out from Trelleborg in Eastern Denmark,bristling with bronze-tipped spears that glint incarnadine in the sun rising over the Bering Sea.
The compound adjective "ouer-mounting" ties young Talbot to young Icarus; "Sea of Blood"--a prosy anticipation of the incarnadine seas fifteen years into the future--binds the field of battle to Ovid's Mediterranean.
Each instant comes with a price, the blue-edged bill on the draft of a bird almost incarnadine, the shanked ochre of an inn that sits as still as the beavertail cactus it guards (the fine rose of that flower gone as bronze as sand), the river's chalky white insistence as it moves past the gray afternoon toward sunset.
Szybist's Incarnadine underscores the dangers of depicting the Virgin Mother as the female ideal, and in doing so wrestles with the tension between spiritual alienation and astonishment.
Brayton describes Macbeth's line "No, this my hand will rather / The multitudinous seas incarnadine, / Making the green one red" (65-66) as an example of human agency affecting the global ocean: "the immensity and indifference of the sea are invoked by outcast characters who have sunk to the depths" (73).
Liverpool's many red objects--barrels, jumpsuit, Scania truck, backpack, winch, wheel-barrow, plaid jacket, stripper's chemise, car siren, casserole, basin, canteen table--emphasized by Farrel's painting a rope that color at film's beginning, culminate in the deep red walls of the bedroom in which Farrel's mother sleeps away her final days--walls that could be incarnadine imports from the villa in Bergman's Cries and Whispers.
Dreadfully are we on track for generating yet another century of blood, another epoch of gore, another age incarnadine.
Or the even more striking juxtaposition in Macbeth's lines: "This my hand will rather/ The multitudinous seas incarnadine, / Making the green one red.
He was haunted by the fact that, in his dread century incarnadine, more lives were violently destroyed than in all the previous centuries combined.
The light was beginning to fail, but there was no mistaking this shocking incarnadine flash.