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Synonyms for incapacity

Synonyms for incapacity

Antonyms for incapacity

lack of intellectual power

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lack of physical or natural qualifications

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In December 1999, the MCWD informed Romagos that she would be dropped from the rolls for mental incapacity effective Jan.
Very generally, by incapacity we understand somebody's condition that has been lacked by law of the use or exercise of certain rights (1).
Incapacity benefit, severe disablement allowance and illness-related income support are being phased out and replaced with Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).
Anyone declared fit for work was stripped of their incapacity benefit and moved on to Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA), provided they met the criteria for JSA.
Wrexham saw the highest percentage of assessments ending in people being stripped of their incapacity benefits, at 26%.
Thinking through who will serve as successor trustee if the donor/trustee is removed for reasons of incapacity is important.
2) While the title Manifest Madness suggests a focus on the defence of insanity and its more recent formulations, her broad definition of mental incapacity enables Dr.
Lot 2 foresight Death, disability and incapacity and not part of a collective framework and binding on 1.
SO the one million people the Conservatives claimed had come off incapacity benefit rather than take a medical was shown by Andrew Dilnot, head of the UK Statistics Department, whose job it is to protect the integrity of official statistics, to be nothing but a false statement intended to deceive.
MORE than one in three of the West Midlands' incapacity benefit claimants have been told they are fit to work.
Of the 11,890 people so far assessed - the majority of whom receive the incapacity payment - 4,790 were deemed healthy enough to find a job.
The concept of parental incapacity has not been clearly defined by the law and is left to the court's discretion.
This article examines the evidential and procedural aspects of claims based on mental incapacity in English courtrooms in the 'long' 18th century.
According to the recent research report into incapacity benefit reform by Christina Beatty and Professor Steve Fothergill, of Sheffield Hallam University, Wales will be worst hit as 65,000 people are taken off incapacity benefit.