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Synonyms for incapacity

Synonyms for incapacity

Antonyms for incapacity

lack of intellectual power

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lack of physical or natural qualifications

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However, the practical importance of this character consists in the conditions chosen by (the) law or by the judge as a remedy for the disabled person (when the incapacities are remediable).
The Classification of the Incapacities in Incapacities of Use and Incapacities of Exercise (7)
The incapacities of use cannot be put only special, not general, too, as if the incapacities of exercise can be; those of use cannot be general because in this way the person will be refused pure and simple the quality of subject of law, her legal personality.
The incapacity of exercise is, from case, special or general; on the contrary, the incapacities of use cannot be but only special (12).
From the point of view of remedies of the incapacities of exercise--in the French doctrine it distinguishes between more serious incapacities that have as a remedy the legal representation (the infants under 14 years old and the forbidden persons) and les grave incapacities that have as remedy the assistance.
The incapacities, in contrast with the incapacities of use, do not have as object to forbid a person to get a right, but only to prevent a person to exercise a right that she could have got.