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Synonyms for incapacitate



Synonyms for incapacitate

to render powerless or motionless, as by inflicting severe injury

Synonyms for incapacitate

make unable to perform a certain action

injure permanently

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At best, they serve to delimit the scope of tracing to cases in which the ultimate wrongdoing was foreseeable or perhaps even foreseen at the time the agent acted to incapacitate himself or failed to prevent his incapacitation.
The MPM-NLWS turret-mounted on a high mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV) will provide Marines the ability to acquire, engage, and incapacitate a single target or a group of individuals at ranges from 30 to 150 meters.
He told the court: "The bullet flattens on impact and immediately incapacitates the target.
A central question is whether it would be possible to develop and employ weapons that can incapacitate human beings without serious consequences.
An officer from Surrey police shot one round to incapacitate the man.
These women pick up men in hotels or social establishments, incapacitate them, and then steal their jewelry or money.
THE main less-than-lethal weapons being used or researched to incapacitate, confuse or delay an adversary are:-
Even as other conservatives concluded that prison cells were better used to incapacitate predatory criminals, he continued to support harsh mandatory sentences for nonviolent drug offenders.
According to a report in the Telegraph, known as the 'Laser Dazzle System, the device is powerful enough to incapacitate pirates up to 1,000 yards away, while leaving them physically unscathed.