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Synonyms for incapacitate



Synonyms for incapacitate

to render powerless or motionless, as by inflicting severe injury

Synonyms for incapacitate

make unable to perform a certain action

injure permanently

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At best, they serve to delimit the scope of tracing to cases in which the ultimate wrongdoing was foreseeable or perhaps even foreseen at the time the agent acted to incapacitate himself or failed to prevent his incapacitation.
developing pharmacological "calmatives" that could incapacitate combatants.
These women pick up men in hotels or social establishments, incapacitate them, and then steal their jewelry or money.
THE main less-than-lethal weapons being used or researched to incapacitate, confuse or delay an adversary are:-
With continued exposure, the MK63 is expected to incapacitate individuals.
It will not be sufficient merely to incapacitate Osama bin Laden, or whoever else is found to be responsible for Tuesday's attacks.
He is accused of using the date-rape drug gamma hydroxy butyrate, or GHB, to incapacitate the women.