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Synonyms for incapability

the condition or state of being incapable of accomplishing or effecting anything

Synonyms for incapability

lack of potential for development

the quality of not being capable -- physically or intellectually or legally

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The Chamber insisted that it could no longer afford to provide credit to the state, stressing that the construction sector was not to shoulder the burden resulting from the incapability of the state to fulfill its commitments.
The grounds would include dishonesty, use of illegal drugs, incapability at work brought on by alcohol and bringing the organisation into disrepute.
The coalition noted that they called upon Russia to be part of an international power to force a political solution to the crisis, including forcing the Syrian regime to do so, and to convince the Syrian regime of its incapability to resolving the crisis through military means only.
Fletcher got a favourable decision more out of his incapability than his ability.
LAHORE -- Pakistan Muslim League senior central leader and Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvez Elahi has condemned in very strong words inhuman and regrettable incident of setting ablaze of entire locality of Christian community in Lahore and said that this incident had occurred only and only due to incapability of the Chief Minister and this is a proof of height of his inefficiency.
This reflects the poor state of law and order in the country and the government's incapability to deal with such a situation.
The largest opposition party reminded Thursday that the economy is in a situation of unseen insolvency, due to the Government's incapability to timely and regularly pay its debts toward companied.
I am not suggesting that one gets many Stephen Hawkings to the pound, but consider what is likely to happen now to someone of astonishing brain power but with total physical incapability.
He went on saying that resorting to the security solution to cope with such events might be considered as incapability to deal with such problems, "which could lead the country back to dictatorship ".
NHRO members shall not be relieved from office before the end of his/her term only by a Royal Order, in case of breach of duties or incapability.
The analysis revealed six central narratives of parental incapability in court decisions: a child whose needs are not being provided for; biological parents who fail to meet the child's minimal needs; lack of objective parental capacity; the biological parent's opposition to the compulsory adoption is based on egocentric motivations; the biological parent's incapacity, described as contradicting the archetypical family, is contrasted with the capacities of the adoptive parents who can offer the child a more appropriate family environment.
These two students have demonstrated their incapability to set good, personal examples for their fellow youth.
The al-Qaeda leader had been concerned about the incapability of his organisation to effectively replace senior leaders after they were killed.
in the Middle East is deteriorating due to the stalled talks between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority and the incapability of the U.
The insurgents, incapability of face-to-face combat with Afghan and NATO-led forces, were targeting tribal elders, ISAF spokesman, Gen.