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the phenomenon of light emission by a body as its temperature is raised

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The intensity and spatial distribution of the saturating emission is characteristic of soot incandescence.
Please tip the scales of justice a wee bit in the children's favor by helping the judge recognize, in the children's courage, passion for life and vulnerability, what can only be called holiness so that she might lay down the law in the service of such incandescence.
The images never stop dazzling us with their awesome, tactile sheen--their oceanic incandescence.
From his opening downbeat, the energy, commitment and incandescence of his reading were not only overpowering, but also elevated all in the pit and on stage to a level of achievement rarely encountered here.
I still love the smell of cordite, the incandescence of burning magnesium, the whoosh and crack of the big rockets, and even the simple yet mesmerising enjoyment of writing one's name in the air with a Sparkler.
The diffuse incandescence of art galleries may sometimes be bright, but it radiates artificiality, the white cube perhaps owing less to sunshine than to Times Square at midnight.
Kitsinelis presents students, academics, and professionals working in a wide variety of contexts with the second edition of his comprehensive overview of contemporary lighting technologies such as semiconductor light-emitting diodes, electrical incandescence, and electrical gas discharges.
But that was till they realised the incandescence of winning work lights up the brand and its market.
Most notably, she is able to achieve a nearly subliminal incandescence through a medieval method of applying gold leaf to the canvas before painting.
Incandescence will be performing an Abba tribute and there will be a "Sound of Music" and "Mary Poppins" sing-along.
Ribbat knows that incandescence, not neon, transformed Times Square into a place famous for its lights.
Beginning his article with the 1809 epigraph above, articulating Blake's concept of art centred on invention and visionary conception, Archer ended it in his own words: "In the best art there is an inescapable element of strangeness, the sense of a novel wonder, a mystery burning at the heart of life, and it is this strangeness, this incandescence which above all the painting of Mithila transmits.
O'Leary narrates the life cycle of existence from "an unatomized sundering of sames" to an "organized whole in the process of fulfillment," an odyssey and Archimedean sensibility deriving from Teilhard's theory that human consciousness exists in nature as an incandescence, which en masse produces a psychic brightness that sheathes the planet in a "phosphorescence of thought.
En vue d'assurer une maEtrise de la demande en electricite, l'Office poursuivra, a partir de 2014, le programme [beaucoup moins que]INARA[beaucoup plus grand que] pour le remplacement progressif de 10 millions de lampes a incandescence par les lampes a basse consommation chez les clients residentiels et administratifs.
Around about 80% of homicides are committed by first offenders frequently during a bout of uncontrolled incandescence generating moments of unprecedented behaviour they will spend a lifetime regretting.