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the act of mating closely related individuals

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Nevertheless, the numbers of white tigers have been boosted via intense inbreeding over several generations.
KEY WORDS: abalone, selective breeding, genetic gain, inbreeding, simulation, Haliotis laevigata
Inbreeding has the potential to double up recessive genes in the limited gene pool, or undesirable traits that result from mutations.
Inbreeding occurs when animals mated to each other have common ancestors and is unavoidable in commercial breeding programmes in dairy cattle.
However, the potential rewards of using him as a means of inbreeding to Nureyev were evident from an early stage thanks to the 2003 Hong Kong Vase heroine Vallee Enchantee, a first-crop daughter bred and owned - like her sire - by the Wildenstein family.
(1,2) Incidentally, in the family presented, all five children were afflicted with congenital diseases; this inbreeding depression was overcome due to the extensive support within consanguineous family.
Dead snakes are also being analysed in the laboratories at the university, checking for markers which suggest inbreeding has taken place.
The researchers used this data to run calculations in a specialized computer program to determine what is called an "inbreeding coefficient," or the probability that an individual received two identical copies of a gene resulting from marriages among relatives.
Fellow West Lothian councillors claim Ellen Glass was heard saying she was concerned about inbreeding in the town of Fauldhouse.
Global inbreeding of the herd ([f.sub.H]) and animal inbreeding were determined; in addition, Average of relatedness (AR), probabilities of gene origin, number of founders (NF), effective number of founders ([f.sub.e]), effective ancestors number ([f.sub.a]), genome founders number ([N.sub.g]) and number of founders explaining 50% (F50) of the genetic variability.
Long stigmatized because of the birth defects that often afflict children of closely related couples, inbreeding sometimes comes at a high price.
Since 1995, PSR has used its Rapid Inbreeding technology to develop inbred lines from unencumbered public materials.
Unlike wild elk where inbreeding of fathers to daughters and brothers to sisters occurs, elk ranchers carefully breed their animals for desirable traits and to prevent inbreeding.
These lines are presently at the S6 to S8 stages of inbreeding and were released as Striga resistance source germplasm through regional trials in and outside of west and central Africa.