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Synonyms for inbred

Synonyms for inbred

forming an essential element, as arising from the basic structure of an individual

Synonyms for inbred

produced by inbreeding


normally existing at birth

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WHEN BROTHERS ARE BETTER Though spotted salamanders frequently inbreed, Zamudio hasn't tested whether the offspring pay an evolutionary toll.
Some animal species that regularly inbreed and that show little inbreeding depression are known (hermaphroditic snails: Doums et al.
The almost universal phenomenon of inbreeding depression, that is, the decrease in fitness of the progeny derived from consanguineous matings relative to the fitness of progeny derived from random outcrossing, is generally considered to be the leading selective factor opposing the tendency to inbreed.
Theoretical (e.g., Maynard Smith 1971; Lloyd 1979; Charlesworth and Charlesworth 1979, 1987, 1990; Lande and Schemske 1985; Campbell 1986) and empirical (e.g., see Charlesworth and Charlesworth 1987) studies have illustrated the potentially important role of inbreed'lng depression ([Delta] = 1 - self/outcross) in preventing the spread of selfing variants through plant populations.
When breeders use horses who are physically dissimilar to the horse they want to inbreed to, they are inbreeding on paper, but I would argue that it is not real inbreeding.