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Synonyms for inbred

Synonyms for inbred

forming an essential element, as arising from the basic structure of an individual

Synonyms for inbred

produced by inbreeding


normally existing at birth

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It might be, that under the surface so formed -- a surface which there had been nothing, hitherto, in the happy, prosperous, uneventful lives of the sisters to disturb -- forces of inborn and inbred disposition had remained concealed, which the shock of the first serious calamity in their lives had now thrown up into view.
If the parents are not inbred, the variance of the Mendelian sampling term is one half of the genetic variance.
The objectives of this study were as follows: i) Identify differential behavior of maize inbred lines for nutrient acquisition efficiency, nutrient utilization and traits of root morphology in contrasting N and P environments, ii) Study the relationship between the traits of root morphology and the acquisition efficiency and utilization efficiency of N and P in contrasting levels and, iii) Identify contrasting parents with components N and P use efficiency for an inheritance study.
Keeping a breed "pure" always limits the genetic potential of these animals, Livestock breeding and tends to accumulate inbred traits over time.
Dewhurst Stakes winner Parish Hall is out of a mare by Montjeu and thus inbred 3x3 to Sadler's Wells.
The loss of genetic diversity within a small, inbred population is not regained as the population grows in number.
Indeed, inbred unions produce, on an average, more healthy than genetically morbid and unfit offspring.
With our research we hope to generate some preliminary data for substantial research, with a view to protecting this species for generations to come before they become dangerously inbred.
During the 1930s, success with hybrid corn sparked the development of many inbred lines of livestock across the United States.
The dairy industry has dismissed RSPCA claims dairy cows are inbred and riddled with welfare problems as "uninformed and sensationalist".
However, it is still not clear whether inbred lines with varying levels of resistance to ear-feeding insects would confer whorl-feeding insect resistance.
KEY WORDS: Genetic theory of alcohol and other drug use; genetic factors; environmental factors; behavioral phenotype; behavioral trait; quantitative trait gene (QTG); inbred animal strains; recombinant inbred (RI) mouse strains; quantitative traits; quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping; multiple cross mapping (MCM); heterogeneous stock (HS) mapping; microsatellite mapping; animal models
The inbred beetles fared no worse than outbred insects, and the eggs produced by brother-sister pairs were likelier to hatch than the eggs of unrelated pairs.
Johnston, IA) has patented a novel inbred maize line designated PHEHR and seed, plants and plant parts thereof.
Since 1995, PSR has used its Rapid Inbreeding technology to develop inbred lines from unencumbered public materials.