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in an inauspicious manner

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Casey had started inauspiciously with a bogey on the 10th and followed that with eight straight pars, but then birdied five of his next seven holes and made sure to check out his name high on the leaderboard as he finished.
What will turn out to be a case of greater magnitude than any other in his 20-year career begins inauspiciously enough, when Sgt.
The versatile forward replaces Tim Ryan at tighthead, one of four changes to the team which was so inauspiciously beaten by Worthing last time out.
Environmental concerns, however, are inauspiciously absent from talks relating to Lebanon's maritime offshore potential, including at a major oil and gas summit that took place this week.
Its experiment with democracy, which began inauspiciously in 1947, has also thrived despite regular prophecies of doom.
The concept started out inauspiciously when he tuned his stereo to an announcer firm the local MDR Radio, but soon revealed a meticulous mix of fantasy, humor and modern myth that drew the audience into a work whose dramaturgical weaknesses are as glaring as its lack of musical identity.
com/electronic-arts-shutters-popcap-games-dublin-studio-lays-96-workers-795103) closing its Dublin studio inauspiciously and raising concerns about the studios future viability.
Their campaign started inauspiciously with home losses against unrated Vityaz and Severstal, though they recorded a 6-3 defeat of Dinamo Minsk last time.
The two sides might resume their negotiations on the 19/6/2012, but analysts have already inauspiciously predicted gloom as one side is bent to frustrate the entire efforts through its intransigence and blackmailing.
The commission's proceedings began inauspiciously when the defendants refused to enter pleas and staged a silent protest against the legitimacy of the tribunal.
Last month's send-off of the last US soldiers was inauspiciously followed by Shia Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki ordering an arrest warrant for the country's highest-ranking Sunni official, threatening to exclude the rival sect's main political party from his government and warning of "rivers of blood" if Sunnis sought an autonomous region.
And that feeling was reinforced when my interview started inauspiciously with Bernard Procter (Blades president) saying: 'I've seen you play for that lot over the road.
Finn (four for 108) began inauspiciously, spearing his very first delivery of the day in a previously unfinished over from the pavilion end down the leg side.
Rating: 4/5 Christopher Morley Nigel Kennedy Symphony Hall The evening began inauspiciously.