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Synonyms for inauguration

Synonyms for inauguration

the act or process of formally admitting a person to membership or office

the act or process of bringing or being brought into existence

Synonyms for inauguration

the act of starting a new operation or practice

the ceremonial induction into a position

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He said that invitations to attend the inauguration celebration were extended to a big number of heads of state of Arab and African countries.
This new development implies that the outgoing Nigerian president may not be present at the inauguration ceremony of Buhari, who will publicly take the oath of office as the new president, at the Eagles Square located in the central area of Abuja.
The following morning, the soon-to-be-sworn-in state leaders will attend a prayer service at the First Baptist Church in Austin, then make their way to the Capitol grounds for the official inauguration ceremony.
Commenting on the inauguration of the new Egyptian president, Alsharq newspaper said that Egypt will begin a new era and stressed the kingdom's support for Egypt.
He called us incessantly, asking us to postpone the inauguration of Dilli Ht.
Iran has invited all countries except the US and Israel to the inauguration.
In this role, he was responsible to the JTF commander for all military ceremonial support to the 57th presidential inauguration.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Thirty-eight percent of Americans interviewed Monday night said they watched or listened to the inauguration ceremonies as they happened; another 27% saw, read, or heard news coverage of the events.
Beyonce and Katy Perry are also set to perform at the star-studded inauguration, which is typically a private affair, CBS News reported.
President Barack Obama will take the official oath of office in a small, private ceremony at the White House on Sunday, setting a more subdued tone for his second inauguration than his historic swearing-in four years ago.
Americans of a certain age can remember the bitterly cold day 42 years ago when Robert Frost blessed the presidential inauguration of John Kennedy, and an entire nation, with his recitation of "The Gift Outright.
Beginning Saturday, January 19 the Network Celebrates the Legacy Of Two History-Making African Americans on BET and CENTRIC With LIVE BET News Inauguration Coverage and MLK Dedicated Specials
Being part of the upcoming presidential inauguration is an amazing opportunity for any Airman.
We have not decided on the inauguration date as yet, Director of Kolkata Airport, B P Sharma said.
May 23, 2010 (ASMARA) -- Sudan has extended an invitation to the Eritrean President Isayas Afewerki to attend the inauguration of the Sudanese President Omer Hassan Al-Bashir who is elected last month in a first multiparty election since a military coup d'Etat that brought him to power in June 1989.