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Synonyms for inattentively

in an absentminded or preoccupied manner

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According to a senior police official, the deceased was speeding and driving inattentively.
The AA also cited cases of motorists so plugged in to music in their cars that they drive inattentively.
The AA also cited case motorists so plugged in to music in their cars that they drive inattentively.
drove his heavy bus negligently, inattentively and without keeping a safe distance.
and some better intended (if inattentively written) stuff as well.
Do cultivate a bluestocking look to prove you're intelligent and appropriately gendered, that is, neither head-turningly feminine nor inattentively androgynous.
As drivers continue to risk and lose their lives by driving inattentively, a growing statistic due to the flurry of in-car distractions and increasing traffic, Cobra will provide drivers with a variety of driving solutions to suit any budget," said Ziv Aviram, CEO of Mobileye Vision Technologies.
In contrast to all of the ways that the word is not the thing, and the ways that inferential statements get inattentively carried over into observation and our reactions, I think that Johnson's (and Langer's) important contribution to our understanding is that even at the level of the not-words we always already have introjections of inferential data.
139) Yet, if parishioners were inattentively bored, why did they attend church above and beyond the legal requirements?
The company is the first European automotive manufacturer to provide an intelligent forward-looking camera technology for driver assistance -- warning motorists before they drift inattentively across a marked lane.
Utterly different is a state in which rebuke and guilt slowly, indirectly, manipulatively, and almost inattentively transpire, as the reader is unaware that the narrator is invading his or her soul.
There will be a complaint filed and he will have to explain to a judge why he was driving inattentively,'' Zizi said.
She rang a bell on the marble counter inattentively.
Strange thoughts are bred in passing through crowded streets should the passenger, by chance, have no exact destination in front of him, much as the mind shapes all kinds of forms, solutions, images when listening inattentively to music.