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He said that the completion of the Nandipur Power by the Punjab government had brought more criticism to the inaptness of the government and it was hard to find even exception to justify its competitiveness and violability.
Hyperbolized and personified, it clings to its function as human habitation despite its apparent inaptness, and as such simply extends its owner's objectified personality.
again suggests the inaptness of the international war model of detention
Where, in response to such criticisms, Latour (1999) lamented the inaptness of its rendering of the original French, proffering "actant-rhizomes" as an alternative to the actor-network, Law and Mol, by contrast, responded by suggesting the necessity of "inquir[ing] into the possibility of other, non-Euclidean, non-network spatialities" (2001, page 613).
Dislike, distrust, and inaptness among individuals indicate the presence of RC (Barki & Hartwick, 2004; Jehn, 1995).
THAT RESPECT IS MISSING FROM STEDMAN Jones's Masters of the Universe, as can be seen in the very inaptness of its title.
Addressing a Press conference at his residence here Monday he said inaptness and anti Balochistan behaviour of Aslam Raisani can be well guessed he did not visit flood hit areas of Jaffarabad and Nasirabad what to talk about assistance for flood hit people.
The moments in his sermons when inaptness seems almost to be cultivated, the associations deliberately far-fetched, were perhaps not wholly the product of pulpit naivete; they may also have been tokens of a trust that there is nowhere the divine Word cannot speak.
It seems to me that the present case involves a search for an appropriate legal framework for new social facts which show up the inaptness of an old doctrine developed upon a completely different social foundation.
Undeniably, there is an element of individual and community welfare at play, but this is subordinate to the recognition of the inaptness of the criminal law.
Indeed, we can affirm them in the aftermath of the Holocaust only by ignoring the voices of former victims, who are traumatized by the inaptness of those concepts to their own experience.
Smith, Alberta University, Canada, go my thanks for critically reviewing the final draft and pointing out some inaptness of expression.
This reviewer would be remiss if he did not pillory the staleness and inaptness of the title.
Domestic consumers are cussing out the private power manager as they have to endure humid days without electricity, small, medium and large sized companies are firing broadside at the electricity supplier for its inaptness in managing the energy crisis, and mid and low level employees of the power manager have yet to swallow the bitter pills of attrition that KESC believes will improve its financial health.