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Synonyms for inapt

not suited to a given purpose

lacking the qualities, as efficiency or skill, required to produce desired results

Synonyms for inapt

not elegant or graceful in expression

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was inaptly transmuted into a social-progress trope during the New Deal
Although this announcement will certainly occasion heartburn over at the inaptly named Cardinal Newman Society, a self-appointed monitor of orthodoxy on U.S.
This is not the time for its inaptly named Israeli branch to demand recognition.]]>
(4.) The name of the former was inaptly translated into English as "State Law and Order Restoration Council", and it was known as the "SLORC".
With a post-graduate from the University of Hard Knocks, the inaptly named Gary Little will be striding high with his comedy gold.
It was the usual Ukip demographic in the covered courtyard of the inaptly named Redhouse in Merthyr Tydfil: men of a certain age, some of them wearing blazers, and outnumbering women by around five to one.
Surely these great constitutional provisions, which have been, not inaptly, termed a new Magna Charta, cannot be made to read, as counsel contend, "nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, unless he be associated with others in a corporation, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws, unless he be a member of a corporation." How petty and narrow would provisions thus limited appear in the fundamental law of a great people!
It would seem, however, that the protocol is inaptly worded.
While I think this is inaptly named (it is secured to the receiver rail by an Allen-head screw and not especially quick to detach), Howe chose Wilson's CSAT version for this rifle, which he helped develop.
Proposals can be useful when a board is unresponsive, and nothing but a distraction when they come from special interest agendas--including the inaptly named good governance' police--to a company with a board that has done a good job of looking out for shareholder interests."
Jack Mason is an orphan living in the inaptly named Sunnyside Orphanage.
(48) Most importantly, she remarks that in post-imperial times such 'family' rituals for the noble dead were inaptly conducted by a 'daughter-in-law', that is, Bao Dai's queen mother.
In some sense, the SEC is less politically accountable than the MMS and the DOI and more susceptible to pressure from the industry, (78) suggesting that the DFA and FCA mechanisms are inaptly designed.
The 1964 surgeon general's warning about the health consequences of cigarette smoking represented a sea change in political rhetoric that began justifying what some have called, perhaps inaptly, "modern sumptuary laws." Smoking "warranted appropriate remedial action," according to the 1964 report (U.S.
(47) A patent that inaptly defines its own bounds can be