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Synonyms for inapt

not suited to a given purpose

lacking the qualities, as efficiency or skill, required to produce desired results

Synonyms for inapt

not elegant or graceful in expression

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Inapt query handling 3.71 0.93 3.94 0.98 Barriers to Online Retailing Total Mean Std.
Only 2.8% of the mesoregion are considered unsuitable for the banana crop, they are Neosoil or rocky outcrop, both inapt for culture.
Don't panic it's a crash "Do sit--I rework cash." Sack rower, it is odd Sarcastic, inapt nod: Do sit, I rework cash, "'Don't panic'??
[USPRwire, Thu Aug 08 2019] Robust development in the cold chain space and burgeoning urbanization fare well for preeminent players amid vast chasm left by inapt transportation system.
[ClickPress, Thu Aug 08 2019] Robust development in the cold chain space and burgeoning urbanization fare well for preeminent players amid vast chasm left by inapt transportation system.
What is more, there has been quite an information gap on menstrual hygiene management, especially on inapt hygiene practices such as changing of the towels infrequently, unsafe disposal of used sanitary towels and lack of proper sanitation, which if not handled may increase susceptibility to infections.
He further sabotages his own effort by dragging in the pedestrian epithets, brilliant runner Achilles," the sappy "filled with pity," and, finally, the inapt "winging words," which falls like lead on the ear.
And the Cruzan case exemplifies the way an attempt to constitutionalize an issue can divert a usefully direct conversation about an issue's basic social and moral dilemmas into inapt, tangential, acidulous, and fruitless disputation over rights.
Given manual parking brakes require to have nearly the same tension on it for the brakes to evenly engage, the inapt adjustment may lead the car to roll backwards if parked on hill.
Citing city councilors and NGOs, it says this has led to deteriorated, inapt facilities, power drops and blackouts, leaning poles, unsafe clearances of lines, and overbillings.
These questions instantly cross one's mind considering the inapt vitriolic responses being subjected to singer Meesha Shafi, following her claims of alleged sexual harassment at the hands of singer, colleague Ali Zafar in a twitter post It is disheartening to see how Ms.Shafi's claims are casually swept away with the general contention that in the Media and Entertainment industry, such episodes are a given, and participatory posturing in such a field mandates signing up for such abominable responses , when in reality what Ms.Shafi experiences is not a rarity in Pakistan.
8 TIMBUKTU (Abderrahmane Sissako) Grace and restraint might appear inapt for a portrait of jihadist terror, but Sissako's account of the imposition of sharia law in his home country of Mali, despite many tonal lapses (especially the mad shamaness), achieves its power through temperance.
seems silent and helpless in response to the Russian bullying of international norms such as sovereignty and territorial integrity, but its NATO allies are also confined to empty words that appear inapt to Vladimir Putin's vicious approach towards Ukraine.
Referring to Supreme Court interim order of three member bench about inapt provincial government he has directed provincial government to file review petition about it in the Supreme court.
This would also make an opening for the Players to scoop the titles from an inapt Kane and Bryan.