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in an inappropriate manner

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His eight-year-old son told him on December 20 last year that the accused touched him inappropriately and that he had done the same several times earlier also.
His solicitor told magistrates that he saw red after finding out that Mr France had allegedly acted inappropriately towards his girlfriend.
Should the PUC find those funds were used inappropriately, the commission can order FairPoint to provide bill credits to customers to make up the difference.
The move is another blow to the already-embattled agency which is seeking to regain its credibility after inappropriately targeting conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.
The investigation found that the officer did not deal with the woman correctly and touched her inappropriately.
While the Department has made clear that blanket bans on procedures are not permitted, it still needs to develop ways of getting assurances that procedures are not being inappropriately restricted, according to the report.
A printed version of the speech said that one of the BBC reviews would look into "allegations that an item on Savile was inappropriately pulled from Newsnight", but the Secretary of State in fact told MPs it would address "allegations with regards to the item on Savile which was inappropriately pulled from Newsnight".
With the women at the firm, friends of the family, yeah, he [Bernie] was inappropriately letchy," she added.
5 million KGS were used inappropriately in JSC "Kyrgyzaltyn", said the press service of the Accounting Chamber of the Kyrgyz Republic, following the company's audit for the period from October 1, 2009 to December 31, 2010.
Dubai Dubai Courts has launched a new coat-lending service to help women caught in a quandary after finding themselves inappropriately dressed for court proceedings.
Shortage of promotional material, lack of information when concluding contracts with banks and inappropriately marked windows are only some of the problems consumers face when using financial services.
The General Teaching Council committee in Birmingham found that Lindsay Brown, 35, from Northamptonshire, made sexual comments and spoke inappropriately about her private life while at Southfield School for Girls in Kettering.
POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a man acted inappropriately in front of three youngsters.
WESTBORO - A 57-year-old Worcester man who allegedly inappropriately touched a 13-year-old girl and tried to get her drunk was ordered held on $25,000 cash bail in Westboro District Court yesterday.
The YMCA hired a 19-year-old adult male to work as a counselor in the program and, on numerous occasions, the counselor inappropriately touched and kissed young girls.