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Synonyms for inappropriate

Synonyms for inappropriate

not suited to a given purpose

characterized by inappropriateness and gracelessness, especially in expression

Synonyms for inappropriate

not suitable for a particular occasion etc

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not in keeping with what is correct or proper

References in classic literature ?
So strangely clouded were these refinements by the prison manners and gloom, so spectral did they become in the inappropriate squalor and misery through which they were seen, that Charles Darnay seemed to stand in a company of the dead.
She repeated the name in a tone of surprise, which reminded him that he had addressed her with familiarity at a most inappropriate time--the time when they were on the point of a quarrel.
Dolly looked nervously round, fearing that she had been inappropriate.
Garth, her lips curling with a calm contentment, allowed that inappropriate language to pass without correction, although Ben immediately took it up, and sang, "She's an old brick, old brick, old brick
Her vocabulary was limited, and she knew little of the worth of words; but the strong masculinity of his boy's face told her that the term was inappropriate.
Of all unbeautiful and inappropriate conceptions this is
I am really delighted -- honestly delighted, if I may use such an apparently inappropriate word -- to see you again, and to see you getting well.
No outlet was observed in any portion of its vast extent, and no torch, or other artificial source of light was discernible; yet a flood of intense rays rolled throughout, and bathed the whole in a ghastly and inappropriate splendour.
Sir Walter's private secretary seemed more and more threatened with inappropriate slumber, and, having been the last to climb up the ladder, seemed now to lack the energy even to climb down again.
For we human beings are used to inappropriate things; we are accustomed to the clatter of the incongruous; it is a tune to which we can go to sleep.
I always make the wrong gestures-- inappropriate gestures--and therefore I degrade the Thought, and raise a laugh instead of doing my subject justice.
The research has been revealed as experts warn a fifth of prescriptions made out nationally could be inappropriate.
In a statement, the spokesman added: "Whilst he accepts that his behaviour over a decade ago was occasionally juvenile, as was that of others, he never intended to harass or distress and he strongly denies any inappropriate contact.
Similar to rival video site, Dailymotion's Age Gate, the company will implement Age Restricts that will flag inappropriate content.
A total of 72% claimed to have witnessed sexual harassment, including "inappropriate sexual comments or abuse", "inappropriate sexual touching" or "other inappropriate or unwanted physical attention or touching".