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too small to make a significant difference

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Charitable and reformist visits to the poor or, say, to fallen women,(30) must often have presented the problem of a confidence stretched thinly across the "inappreciable air-line" that, in Zenobia's words, "separates one class from another" (170).
This advantage results in inappreciable computation effort in identifying and updating the parameters for the frequency dependent weight and enables its synthesis in the controller for practical implementation.
The results indicated that the effect of Coriolis force on the natural frequency was inappreciable. Kuehlert et al.
It is an efficient platform where experience is passed from hand to hand, where participants get inappreciable knowledge, business offers turn into strong business ties and large-scale projects.
Reports in the current literature have described both beneficial (Kalapotharakos et al., 2006) and inappreciable (Paas et al., 1994; Powell, 1983) effects of physical activity programs on reaction times.
I have satisfied myself that this condition exists but for an inappreciable point of time--yet it is crowded with these "shadows of shadows"; and for absolute thought there is demanded time's endurance.
This influence, however, is by no means inappreciable or even inconsiderable; but the greatest wonders of this description are not so much owing to any peculiar property in human labor, as to the use we make of the powers of nature.
Compensated malpractice claims is one criterion of real malpractice that tends to be positively associated with the accurate, inappreciable magnitude of malpractice.
Incomprehensible, inscrutable, inaccessible, inappreciable, incalculable, inconceivable, indefinable, indistinct, inestimable, inexplicable, innumerable, unfathomable, unknown, unspeakable, impalpable, impenetrable, and impossible are some of the words he deploys to describe the wilderness, Africans, and Kurtz, as well as feelings, objects, experiences, and thoughts associated with them.
almost inappreciable change of which, nevertheless, we remain
Given that virtually all CARs have been authoritarian, with inappreciable differences in civil liberties and political rights, this theory can do little to explain why Central Asians would embark on collective protests.
T]he amount of this deflection becomes observationally quite inappreciable at distances of more than, say, six radii from the sun's center....
However, the relatively inappreciable change in the [d.sub.100], [d.sub.110], and [d.sub.200] reflections indicates that the SBA-15 is a robust and stable support for immobilizing titania species.