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The inappositeness of existing doctrine made the Court's treatment of the issue verge on comical.
As the Protestant soul was islanded, so poor Robinson Crusoe was islanded, his condition a commentary on the inappositeness of other people in the Protestant scheme.
Westmacott's novel, The English Spy: An Original Work Characteristic, Satirical, and Humorous (London, 1825), II.22: "two sisters--both gay." The OED cites the Sunday Times for July 19, 1868: "As soon as ever a woman has ostensibly lost her reputation, we, with a grim inappositeness, call her 'gay.'"
Indeed, many of the features of negligence law that showed the inappositeness of the Hand Formula have been used by Posnerians and instrumentalists more generally as reasons for modification of the tort law.
After complaints about the merciless heat--at points over 40 Celsius, which an Italian acquaintance says is higher than one's body temperature--the most typical remark concerns the inappositeness of Francesco Bonami's overall title, "Dreams and Conflicts: The Dictatorship of the Viewer"; no one misses calling it the dictatorship of the curator.