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Synonyms for inapplicable

Synonyms for inapplicable

not relevant or pertinent to the subject; not applicable

Synonyms for inapplicable

not capable of being applied


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The cognomen of Crane was not inapplicable to his person.
The minister in whom Rabourdin sought to confide was in the habit of listening to men of undoubted superiority as they explained ingenious theories of government, applicable or inapplicable to the affairs of France.
He spoke of the danger of pity, in some cases a commendable and Christian virtue, but inapplicable to this pernicious sect.
Osuolale, described the section 137 cited by the petitioner as inapplicable, adding that it was wrong for the burden of the defence to be shifted to the INEC.
"Integrating normal practices within the law allows progress and all existing legislation are subject to review, even new ones should they be found inapplicable or backdated," he said.
Some schools have declared that their tuition fee is far less than Rs5,000, while adjusting the remaining amount under other expenses, making the ruling inapplicable. Some have applied the 20 per cent reduction on the difference between their actual fee and the Rs-5000 mark.
Any unilateral decisions or measures in these areas without prior coordination with Turkey would be deemed "invalid and inapplicable," he elaborated.
"As a final alternative (when all other options are inapplicable or exhausted), it is permissible to replace the old stoves with modern wood or coal appliances that meet the ecodesign technical parameters," the report said.
"Then came political assassination on the hands of totalitarian regimes, and then came war, followed by the Taef settlement with an inapplicable Constitution.
The law aims at regulating all litigation procedures to guarantee swift justice and filtering procedural laws as regards trade, administrative and civilian dealings that proved to be inapplicable, he added.
However, the pillion riding will not be inapplicable to 'women, children below the age of 12 years, senior citizens, journalists, personnel of law enforcement agencies, security agencies in uniform and employees of the essential services.'
The company also amended its currently effective shareholder rights plan to render it inapplicable to the Amended Merger Agreement and the Transactions.
The judge said election petitions are governed by a special self-contained regime of civil procedure rules, which were inapplicable except where expressly stated.
They maintain that the statute of repose is inapplicable to the case.