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Synonyms for inanity

total lack of ideas, meaning, or substance

Synonyms for inanity

total lack of meaning or ideas

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The heavily white and male crowd lapped up every Limbaugh inanity.
The point is it's an inanity, and they're trying to kill my grant because I won't participate in that inane process," McPherson told The Scientist in December.
Then I will point out that we will have a name - the Whitters Institute for Folly, Inanity and Nitwitology - will make even Demos look like they know what they're doing.
New World competition has finally forced the EU to confront the inanity of paying a half-billion euros a year for surplus wines and turning them into industrial alcohol.
The Inanity Of Music And Wings is an outstanding anthology of inspiring and evocative work by the remarkably gifted poet Zachary Michael Jack.
The following month they were beaten again by Judge Jones, whose 139-page opinion called the board's ID decision religiously motivated and accused it of "breathtaking inanity.
Continued Jones, "The breathtaking inanity of the Board's decision is evident when considered against the factual backdrop which has now been fully revealed through this trial.
It has nothing to do with class and everything to do with the fact that people resent their TV screens being occupied by ill- educated, pointless, self-important, big- heads who have nothing to offer the world - yet are cocky enough to feel their inanity is enough to justify the dubious position of "celebrity".
WITH extremists now demanding that greyhound racing be banned in favour of `safe' virtual racing, a far better option would be the introduction of virtual protestors, so we could be spared the rank inanity of proposing the termination of the friendliest and most wonderful breed of dog there is.
The only surprise here is that Glitches is so brief--one might reasonably have anticipated much more inanity.
Laferriere's comic timing is impeccable, whether in run-ins with bigoted convenience store owners or in the pretentious inanity of the TV shows always running in the background.
The man was out of his mind of course, but it struck me that the sheer inanity of his argument was on a par with the arrant nonsense we have been hearing from the UKIP and anti-European generally.
Utter inanity and statements of the bleedin' obvious are his stock in trade.
Dan Rather is cranked up so loud that even upstairs, with the door closed, I can hear every solemn inanity he utters.
While few reached the level of inanity seen in Jerry Falwell's assertion that American tolerance of feminists and homosexuals precipitated the attacks, there was more than a touch of Hale Falwell Well Met in repeated assertions from thoughtful people that postmodern multiculturalism was complicit with terror.