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Synonyms for inanity

total lack of ideas, meaning, or substance

Synonyms for inanity

total lack of meaning or ideas

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As a postscript, may I suggest to the three North of Tyne councils, apparently seeking a more engaging designation for their nascent authority, the name they were known by prior to being split asunder on the formation of that same absurd inanity i.e.
out, innocent by reason of inanity, or advise that we confess to ever
The inanity of his exchange with Jaya Bachchan raised more questions about his ability to be in the office he now occupies.
How much longer will our friends in the Town Hall continue to terrorise us with their petty legislation and baubles of inanity? Bernie Carroll, Princes Park
Build up your Twitter fan base with a non-stop stream of inanity, become a painter with an iPod without the need for a brush or paint.
He will quote the example of regulation on the frequency and duration of ice cream van chimes as an example of the depths of bureaucratic inanity to which we have sunk.
Sometimes we just need a bit of daft inanity to cheer us up.
"The point is it's an inanity, and they're trying to kill my grant because I won't participate in that inane process," McPherson told The Scientist in December.
Given the inanity (boxers or briefs?) of some questions and the challenges of turning a bad question into a good answer on the spot, I must confess I'd welcome someone standing up and saying, "I've agreed with your staff to ask this question about [health care, climate change, the war or any number of issues more important than jewelry choices] because this is an important concern to many Americans and they should know where you stand on it."
Elsewhere in Europe, everyone's talking about the so-called "wine lake." New World competition has finally forced the EU to confront the inanity of paying a half-billion euros a year for surplus wines and turning them into industrial alcohol.
The Inanity Of Music And Wings is an outstanding anthology of inspiring and evocative work by the remarkably gifted poet Zachary Michael Jack.
The following month they were beaten again by Judge Jones, whose 139-page opinion called the board's ID decision religiously motivated and accused it of "breathtaking inanity." Jones said that ID was not science.
Continued Jones, "The breathtaking inanity of the Board's decision is evident when considered against the factual backdrop which has now been fully revealed through this trial.
It has nothing to do with class and everything to do with the fact that people resent their TV screens being occupied by ill- educated, pointless, self-important, big- heads who have nothing to offer the world - yet are cocky enough to feel their inanity is enough to justify the dubious position of "celebrity".