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Synonyms for inanition

weakness characterized by a lack of vitality or energy

exhaustion resulting from lack of food

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Influence of vitamin C nutriture and inanition on ACTH stimulated release of adrenal corticosteroids in guinea pigs.
Other lesions included atherosclerosis and retention of the superficial esophageal mucosa, suggestive of inanition.
target clinics), which were low-performing clinics on the selected measures for an extended period of time (over a year before the inanition of the project), and for which a major change in quality improvement rate was observed only after the interventions were initiated.
If untreated the disease will lead to more serious complications, including bone loss and fractures, inanition, birth defects in pregnancy, increased risk of a miscarriage.
Although the cause of death of the infant was likely inanition and acute dissemination of an umbilical infection to a kidney, detection of HMPV as the sole pathogen in the infant tissues supports the presence of this agent in the gorilla group during the respiratory disease outbreak.
Meyers' subtitle nicely indicates how he accounts for Johnson's overcoming these hateful contraries: while he spent months, even years in various states of inanition, Johnson "always enjoyed a fight" (5) and eventually roused himself to "Struggle:' Readers interested in the sometimes gritty details of Johnson's life--his arrests for debt, the specifics of his income--will do well to turn to Meyers; readers interested in how others saw Johnson--in Johnson as a biographical subject--will do well to turn to Martin.
Inappetence and/or inanition may have caused reduced condition since food was not thought lacking and the growing season over the study period had increased by up to 39 days (Murray et al.
There are none in the first two cantos, exactly as we might expect, nor in the last seven, a fact that may surprise us, until we reflect that the extinction of self-consciousness, a form of inanition, is one hallmark of the behavior of all the saints in Heaven.
The Malik-Ahmed also exhibits Jones's moody alternation between sleepy inanition over long periods and violence in bursts.
The failure to act in Canada stems in part from that political inanition that one finds in countries that have no immediate major political, social, or economic crisis of the sort that generates public demand for fundamental constitutional change or even a new constitution.
And in many of his adherents we can find the same belief that the descent of the energy and rage of the 1960s into the inanition of the 1970s stands as the eternal sign under which all American life must be viewed, an obsession that seems to have been handed down, genetically, to people my ago, who came into political consciousness during the great love-fest of the second Clinton term, and were introduced early to the horrors that human beings are capable of, albeit, thankfully, on a historically-negligible scale.
Two violent love affairs are the plot's focus, but the drama of the novel has clearly to do with every sort of emotion, and with every sort of spiritual inanition.
Despite the inanition of Stevens's opinion, the Court's
Recognition of the inevitable inanition of knowledge in the absence of dynamization through the knowledge transfer process (Lev, 2002) makes knowledge transfer a key element in value creation as regards intangible assets.
Loin de susciter chez elle une inanition sterile, cette methode renforcerait plutot l'ardeur de son affairement.