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Synonyms for inanition

weakness characterized by a lack of vitality or energy

exhaustion resulting from lack of food

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These wretched remnants of what was once a thriving cottage industry set on a country estate, now fallen into ruin, have no idea how to improve their lot, so they drink, whore, and grumble, invariably getting in each other's way in their sodden inanition, until word of a fabled leader's return from the dead inspires in some apprehension, in others hope.
are in the same state of inanition and ideological impotence as all those Democrats who cannot believe where the country is going.
The authors demonstrated that the 4-variable formula overestimates eGFR in patients at risk of sarcopenia or protein inanition.
Integration based on a wide market between very unequal nations, on the other hand, was doomed to inanition and languishing (Puig 1986, 44).
Most friendships die of inanition, caused by circumstances which deprive them of their life blood of communication or by simple neglect, which has the same effect.
Influence of vitamin C nutriture and inanition on ACTH stimulated release of adrenal corticosteroids in guinea pigs.
While this passage illustrates the standard fallen woman trope, Mary's self-description as a "wretched victim of sensuality" (61) clearly demarcates the boundary between the nationally edifying sensibility offered by Wollstonecraft and the "excessive sensibility" disparagingly associated with revolution and synonymous with unbridled passion, sexual license, and mental inanition.
target clinics), which were low-performing clinics on the selected measures for an extended period of time (over a year before the inanition of the project), and for which a major change in quality improvement rate was observed only after the interventions were initiated.
In the field, the capture rate of ant-lion larvae is quite reduced (Heinrich and Heinrich 1984) and, since smaller larvae do not manage to efficiently seize their prey in the first attack, they start suffering from inanition.
If untreated the disease will lead to more serious complications, including bone loss and fractures, inanition, birth defects in pregnancy, increased risk of a miscarriage.
The humanities began in the Renaissance as "the more human studies" opposed to theology, and this proud beginning may have carried the source of inanition within itself: How can a human enterprise that is committed to approaching divinity merely as an object of research not waste away in time?
Although the cause of death of the infant was likely inanition and acute dissemination of an umbilical infection to a kidney, detection of HMPV as the sole pathogen in the infant tissues supports the presence of this agent in the gorilla group during the respiratory disease outbreak.
His first human transfusion was performed in 1818 on a man who 'was dying from inanition induced by malignant disease of the pylorus'--Blundell obviously chose a hopeless case for his first clinical experiment, and he wrote: 'Considerable temporary benefit followed the transfusion, but, as was to be expected in such circumstances, the man after some hours sank again into a state of exhaustion and died 56 hours later'.
Meyers' subtitle nicely indicates how he accounts for Johnson's overcoming these hateful contraries: while he spent months, even years in various states of inanition, Johnson "always enjoyed a fight" (5) and eventually roused himself to "Struggle:' Readers interested in the sometimes gritty details of Johnson's life--his arrests for debt, the specifics of his income--will do well to turn to Meyers; readers interested in how others saw Johnson--in Johnson as a biographical subject--will do well to turn to Martin.
In many of her articles, Fern encourages women to cultivate private dispatches as a means of rebelling against the monopoly of masculine convention and preserving themselves from the inanition of a subordinated married life.