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Synonyms for inanition

weakness characterized by a lack of vitality or energy

exhaustion resulting from lack of food

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In addition, it is important in inanition periods where it controls insulin secretion by the PBC in order to maintain euglycemia, inhibiting autophagy and selectively degrading new secretory granule through lysosomes in order to maintain low insulin secretion during fasting periods [135].
In recent years, ECT has assumed an increasingly important role in the treatment of severe and medication-resistant depression and mania, as well as in the treatment of schizophrenic patients with affective disorders, suicidal drive, delusional symptoms, vegetative dysregulation, inanition, and catatonic symptoms2,3.
Hyperuricemia and gout appear on the ground of multiple risk factors: genetic predisposition, male gender, advanced age, dietary factors, reduced physical activity and also prolonged walking, local trauma, infections, prolonged inanition, parenteral feeding and some medications (aspirin, diuretics).
(100) The others are food and drink, inanition and repletion, air, exercise, and the passions or emotions.
Children at present devitalized by malnourishment and illness are severely liable to disease and the menace of unexpected, severe inanition. Making sure households have a basic income or food basket indicates they do not have to trade their productive goods or sacrifice education fees or healthcare expenses to nourish their children if crisis strikes.
In April 1952, the Soviet Union tabled an amendment explicitly stating that the right to work "should be guaranteed by the State, with the object of creating conditions precluding the threat of death from hunger or inanition." (156) The United States and France objected instantaneously.
If three circles are circumscribed with each other, inanition will exist but without coverage which contradicts with the condition of full coverage, so the situation is abolished.
are in the same state of inanition and ideological impotence as all those Democrats who cannot believe where the country is going.
The authors demonstrated that the 4-variable formula overestimates eGFR in patients at risk of sarcopenia or protein inanition.
Integration based on a wide market between very unequal nations, on the other hand, was doomed to inanition and languishing (Puig 1986, 44).
They are a void within a vacuum surrounded by a vast inanition"), and so Britannia's version of Intelligence Squared is, like a country garden or Rebekah Brooks's hair, a bit untamed.
Ultimately, the fibrotic isolation of atrophic myocytes results in such severe deprivation of essential nutrients and oxygen that vital functions cannot be maintained and cell death occurs by inanition, or starvation, a process that we refer to as inanosis.
This is why artists and great political figures have few and not infrequently, no friends: Ibsen wrote that "friends are a costly luxury; when a man invests his capital of energy in a profession or a mission, he will lack the means to have friends." Belloc describes the death of friendship as "the worst thing in the world." Most friendships die of inanition, caused by circumstances which deprive them of their life blood of communication or by simple neglect, which has the same effect.