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Synonyms for inanity

total lack of ideas, meaning, or substance

Synonyms for inanity

total lack of meaning or ideas

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Meetings have become an ordeal for many, they are trapped by the longevity, the inanities and all that.
It's simply that there are less demonstrative ways to share grief than to shout inanities at the top of your voice against a real or imagined foe.
Three episodes in and it is clear that Peter Kay and Sian Gibson - and nobody else - belong in that car, swapping amusing inanities and mild insults.
Pseudonymous commenters seemingly have limitless time to post inanities, vitriol, sexually explicit, mindless, vulgar and hurtful notes about people and things of which they have only cursory knowledge."
Caranfil imagines the protagonists as fully cognizant of the sociopolitical inanities that surround them--not least of which is the government's totally false propaganda film about the heist, in which the culprits are forced to participate after having been arrested and condemned to death.
These were fleeting moments, restricted to handshaking and inanities on my part, " What a great pleasure and honour to meet you, sir".
Surely our police and courts can be better occupied crime-fighting than pursuing such inanities.
VILLAINS OF THE WEEK Nile Ranger ANOTHER week, another court case - all compounded by more inanities on Twitter.
Always a lovely break from the inanities of Latvian politics ...
In the last week alone, I've been tearing out my hair while dippy presenters quiz traffic reporters on inanities as diverse as how to bake the perfect muffins, their thoughts on Cameron's Big Society, whether teachers should be allowed to strike and whether Robbie Williams swears too much to be in Take That.
Across the towns, villages and hamlets of the UK, married women will have been rejoicing at the lack of a major football tournament this summer and were no doubt relishing the notion of three glorious months without Paul Merson screeching inanities into their living room each Saturday.
There's a woman presenter on it who keeps screaming inanities, while grimacing horribly.
Despite his hops, skips and whimsical tone, Bakalar avoids inanities. Complex topics, such as the debate over the health benefits of cranberry juice, are reviewed with humor and intelligence.
Forget high-powered business calls, mid-air mobiles will just mean high-flying inanities.
The final chapter, on the current debate over the building, is one of the best this reviewer has read: the inanities of those such as Neil, Lord Kinnock, are shown for the sorry stuff they are.