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vacuously or complacently and unconsciously foolish


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I smile inanely at anyone who catches my eye - like a dog pleading for its owner's attention It gives a chilling insight into what the future might hold..
I once broke into the set of Friends just to see the beautiful Le Blanc (next time you watch Ross and Emily's wedding, I'm sitting at the back on the left in a white suit grinning inanely. I never did get the courage to talk to him, though).
Pella, takes a page from one of recent pop culture's most deliriously catchy creations: Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis' inanely entertaining What Does The Fox Say?
THE picture of David Cameron, below, grinning inanely up to Barack Obama during a selfie at the Nelson Mandela memorial service showed a total lack of respect for one of history's greatest men.
However it doesn't stop me from finding the picture of American TV presenter Melissa Bachman inanely grinning behind the body of a murdered lion she shot: Grotesque.
Meanwhile, over at the inquiry panel yesterday, as well as being inanely asked whether he had explained to the Europeans that Cyprus was a semi-occupied country, Anastasiades was also questioned about the haircut.
There's a camp out with swingers (Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn) and a run-in with pursuing drug dealers that inanely becomes Aniston's strip tease.
It's that time of year when people awaken from their January hibernation to brave the cold and stand outside their club inanely cheering every word of a shivering Sky Sports News presenter, as he rattles through a monologue comprising embellished rumours that a 14-year-old kid pretending to be a football agent has posted on Twitter.
Orchard PS4.99) There aren't many youngsters who don't love the inanely silly, the slapstick and the downright bonkers.
I'VE never quite understood how grown men - and it is usually men - can drool so inanely when talking about Formula 1.
In effect, the pace of machines paradoxically gives rise to an irrational, unsustainable, obsessive, and obscene form of production for mass consumption, but that same pace is capable of making the experience of the assembly line into something inanely choreographic, aesthetically curious, and, by extension, formally interesting and socially revealing.
The exception, of course, is when you are lying comatose on the forest floor, covered head to foot in camouflage, inanely making turkey-like sounds, and waiting for a turkey to come to you.
While Coleman was by far the most interesting of their pundits, Keys allowed rent-a-gob regulars Jamie Redknapp and Andy Gray to witter on inanely.
Doctors and their staff then have to deal with telephone calls, hold buttons, prompts, voice mail, and inanely interpreted legislation such as HIPAA laws.
I give you the Dell Guy, for example, that pigeon-toed, spastic-moving, inanely grinning former salesman for Dell Computers in TV ads.