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a man with whom you are in love or have an intimate relationship

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(42) As if to recognize his own debts to the arte, Shakespeare has the Italianate traveller Jaques name members of a troupe in his most famous speech, including the 'lean and slipper'd Pantaloon', the nurse or balia, the lover or inamorato 'sighing like a furnace', and the blustering soldier 'full of strange oaths', the trademark of the capitano (2.7.189).
Like Burton's Inamorato, the effete lovers who pined their way through the seventeenth century were men of sensitivity and depth, their malady a delightful, yet miserable, sadness.
The key to reading "Freya" as an Italian comedy is the narrator's claim that Antonia is "like a comedy cameristra" (48), whereby Nelson/Nielsen becomes Freya's innamorata, Jasper Allen is an inamorato and Capitano character, and Heemskirk becomes two Vecchi characters combined (49-50); there are examples of lazzi, or physical comedy, in the story, as well.
(27) Caro, 1967, 211: "Un certo Greco, inamorato d'una sua statua nella circa di Gnido, e fecela vituperare; e perche ogn' uno lo risapesse, voile, che le restasse una certa maechia Ira le mele." Here Caro relies not only on Pliny but also pseudo-Lucian's Amoves, then thought to be a genuine text by Lucian and first published in Latin in 1494.
Top banana Ed O'Neill as Strabo, the bloviating windbag guru of a woebegone acting studio, pursues pelf and escapes scrapes with the aid of his own Carl Reiner (David Paymer, his face like a clenched fist as put-upon sidekick Pelargon); Howie Morris (Jack Wallace, shining as an affably drunken pixie); and Imogene Coca ("The O.C.'s" Michael Cassidy as Philius, Strabo's dim but beautiful apprentice, who becomes everyone's ardent inamorato).
They make a convincing case, examining the Arcadia felice and its reduction of the pastoral from source of escape of oppression to a part of that same oppression, and the riches of the female religious quest in Amore inamorato, et impazzato.
But Brodsky was hardly the first inamorato to see Venice without sighing.
Estor di Pelegrini, veronexe, inamorato di madona Chamila di Chavigli, volendo da lei andare, chasca di una schala e morto riman a pie' di l'uso: la dona tramortise et volendosi apogiare chade giu di un pogio e preso di lui riman senca spirto.
An Iban love song takes up this theme when a young girl tries to persuade her inamorato that she had qualified for matchmaking by weaving a superb cloth: The design on the surface was of a python truly a meter in length, and a young tigress who could almost be heard roaring with strength from the peak of Spirit Mountain, And something wondrous looking like the tongue of a giant cobra, Coiled at rest inside its nest within a rocky chamber.
After all, Peter scorned his sometime inamorato, David Orchard, and Belinda's act of treachery could be seen simply as proof that what goes around comes around.
These days my 60's-70's inamorato would undoubtedly be clinically diagnosed as someone coping with attention deficit disorder, functional dyslexia, and fetal alcohol syndrome.
He has settled in nicely in Dubai this year, running third to State Shinto at Nad Al Sheba at the end of January before proving three and a half lengths too strong for Inamorato there the following month.
Saeed Bin Suroor, represented by Thirsk maiden second Great Exhibition in the UAE Derby, runs both Firebreak and Inamorato in the Godolphin Mile, with Frankie Dettori more than happy to be on Firebreak.
Dettori was expected to follow up on Inamorato in the UAE Derby - but the colt got no kind of run at all, finishing third to Victory Moon.