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a woman with whom you are in love or have an intimate relationship

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Owner and graphics artist Ariel Roma Angela infuses Inamorata with items printed with designs, including her own.
Williams calls this serenade by Manolo (voiced by Diego Luna) to his inamorata Maria, accompanied mainly by acoustic guitar, "lovingly childlike.
The first body is identified as Reid Tamblin and the second as Reids inamorata, Katielynn Montgomery, thereby bringing Reid's fiancee Leah Tamblin into the convoluted question of how the two ended up in Jason Getty's flower border.
Richard Williams was also responsible for elaborating Stephen McNeff's Prometheus Drown'd from a monologue for mezzo soprano to a music theatre piece for mezzo soprano (Clare McCaldin) and three actors, telling the story of the poet Shelley's death in a boating accident in Italy, as witnessed by his friend Trelawny and his inamorata Jane Williams.
In 1784, Smith gravitated toward a Petrarch who was at a point in his life when he was reflecting on his own youthful passions and his memories of Laura, and who did so in a setting linked with his emotional development, a setting in which his grief and "faithful flame" burned in isolation from his inamorata.
The figure of Inamorata in the early frontispieces of Burton's Anatomy provides a kind of paradigm for the representation of the saturnine lover.
He had bumped into her in town when he was in the company of someone that he didn't want to be seen with, his current inamorata, that's the word he liked to use back then - his secret girlfriend, the other woman.
It's like Mrs Simpson's inamorata being given an award for abdicating.
11) Like David, Tereus transgresses against the youth of his inamorata ("After he was done with her, she shuddered / like a young lamb, broken by an old grey wolf"); and like David, he does so while in locus parentis (Ovid 2004,11.
And Blunt, who also played his inamorata in Gulliver's Travels, keeps the claws she flashed so brilliantly in The Devil Wears Prada well hidden.
Sulking and often pie-eyed on gin, whiskey, and choque--acrid beer made from the pera peluda--Edgar whiles away his Barba days praying for career boosting carnage, envying Bear's mythic reputation among the expat media, and lusting after Bear's exquisite inamorata.
All are elegant, theatrical, and volatile, and three of them cross-dress and pursue lovers in secret--features characteristic of the inamorata played by the female stars across the Channel.
Rice's name was first mentioned on the show as the neoconservative Jack Donaghy's down-low inamorata in 30 Rock's first season, in 2006.
In contemporary novels like Joseph Gangemi's Inamorata (2004) and William Hjortsberg's Nevermore (1994), Margery's air of mystery pervades the fiction as it seems to have done in real life.
Though chaste wives, courtesans, and yearning inamorata would seem to have little in common apart from their gender, they are linked by a potent power wielded by all women--the palpable force of their gaze to inflame the blood and imprint itself on the male imagination.