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Synonyms for inalterable

incapable of changing or being modified

Synonyms for inalterable

not capable of being changed or altered


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As Jessie's orbit draws nearer to Sullivan's shining star, the inalterable forces of tragedy are set in motion.
Une ceremonie a ete egalement organisee au Musee du moudjahid sous le theme [beaucoup moins que] 1er Novembre 54, gloire et reference inalterable [beaucoup plus grand que], au cours de laquelle a ete projete un film documentaire relatant les differentes etapes historiques qu'a connues l'Algerie, intitule [beaucoup moins que] Notre Memoire, source de fierte [beaucoup plus grand que].
El ultimo aspecto se refiere a la puesta a prueba de la fe, ya que esta no es nunca una certeza totalmente adquirida e inalterable sino una realidad sometida a la influencia de numerosos factores y riesgos.
La afirmacion de que la historia es magistra vitae resulta problematica desde el punto de vista de la teoria y de la metodologia historicas, pero como tropo retorico su eficacia permanece tan inalterable como en los tiempos de Ciceron.
Until there is an inalterable conviction at the Times and other newspapers that they need to overhaul their cultures at Internet speed, they will continue dabbling at digital while fierce and well-financed digital competitors peck them silly.
To produce its inalterable radiance, the enamel is baked, layer after layer, at temperatures exceeding 1,000EeAC.
Il ne faut pas se faire d'illusion, Ennahdha n'a pas quitte le gouvernement de son propre gre, le mouvement islamiste y a ete pousse par une puissante et inalterable volonte populaire.
"By proclaiming the peaceful way an inalterable course for resolution of any problem, we are liable to permanently care of