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Synonyms for inalterable

incapable of changing or being modified

Synonyms for inalterable

not capable of being changed or altered


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"The Bulgarian side confirmed the inalterability of its support for the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, the continuation of the EU sanctions policy against the Russian Federation, the efforts
data encryption (inalterability)), as well as a clear understanding of
Georgian Foreign Ministry Supports Passing of Law on Inalterability of Country's Course at European Integration
In this case the conceptual structure of physical substances is mapped onto that of the abstract concept 'wages', to focus on the state of fixity, immovability or inalterability. The process of freezing therefore stands for a specific aspect of the process, its result (to become fixed or unalterable), so that the sequence wage freeze can also be seen as based on the metonymy ACTION FOR RESULT.
While Emma is denied any glimmer of self-awareness, Edna becomes aware both of the inalterability of her temporal limitations and of her intense desire--even need--to alter or escape those limitations.
[...] I believe that those extravagantly bent on extolling imperishability, inalterability and the like are prompted to utter these things by the anxious wish to live long and by the terror of death.
Those newly-made approaches give us an opportunity for further measurements of iris pattern's inalterability and improvement of existing algorithms.
The resulting structure is then immune to rules causing lenition because of geminate inalterability (Guerssel 1977; Hayes 1986; Schein and Steriade 1986; Inkelas and Cho 1993; Keer 1999; Kirchner 2000).
They believe that nothing that you do now can affect how bad the past was, and so you should ignore your past sacrifices, which, given the inalterability of the past, are beyond redemption.