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Synonyms for inalienable

Synonyms for inalienable

incapable of being repudiated or transferred to another



not subject to forfeiture

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Throughout the Court's modern jurisprudence, Aboriginal title has been defined as sui generis in relation to other forms of property (including ownership in fee simple) by virtue of its inalienability, communality, and the inherent limit on use.
(65.) See, e.g., Susan Rose-Ackerman, Inalienability and the Theory of Property Rights, 85 COLUM.
His anthropological study covers chief's speech: Wauja ancestors, political authority, and belonging; bringing spirits: ritual curing and Wauja relations with spirits; Kuri sings: intergroup rivalry and alter-centricity; inalienability: possession and exchange in intergroup relations; interdiscursive rivers: protesting the Paranatinga II Dam; pragmatics of development: asymmetries in inter-ethic exchanges; and taking spirits to France: Wauja identity on a world stage.
1323, 1323 (2000) (describing how equality, efficiency, and inalienability are three reasons that justify banning core vote buying).
Inalienability of the Womb and Gestational Services 3.
But we wish to remind the country that affirmed the inalienability of human rights and equality; the importance of respecting the principles that guarantee the integrity of French justice," said the letter.
Parsimony may dictate the exclusion of these sorts of human capital accumulation processes from Piketty's narrative, but the inalienability of human capital is clearly not the strong defense of excluding human capital itself that Piketty makes it out to be.
While the Garage in Nicosia shows old masters, the Eins gallery in Limassol continues to showcase its first group exhibition entitled Impulses of Inalienability.
Rather, ODS has always been based on first principles: The unity of Palestine, human rights, citizenship for all who live between the river and the sea and the absolute inalienability of the right of return as citizens and property restitution for the ethnically-cleansed Palestinians wherever they live.
Drawing from lessons in history, Germany enshrines the inviolability and inalienability of human dignity and human rights under its constitution.
"Market Inalienability Once Again: Reply to Radin." Thomas Jefferson Law Journal, 22(1): 37-88.