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violating aesthetic canons or requirements

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In this long, penetrating gaze and the forceful linguistic frame that it takes, Gersbach becomes an unsightly, inaesthetic thing.
In considering Badiou's inaesthetics this paper will however take as its focal point the case of cinema, insofar as Badiou's typically polemical writings on the subject appear symptomatic--and arguably serve as the most extreme example--of the decreased amenability to inaesthetic discourse presented by the illiterate arts.
Indeed, cinema's artistic status would seem to have been confirmed far in advance of Badiou's own inaesthetic incursions, insofar as it has served to condition philosophy, most notably that of Gilles Deleuze.
(12) Deleuze's apprehension of film's intraphilosophical effects would thus seem at first glance an absolutely inaesthetic operation (this being accordingly incongruous to any aphilosophical thinking of cinema--namely any other consideration of cinema whatsoever--which simply fall into the thoughtless and self-interested realm of opiniatry).
(D 16) Can we not discern a certain structural (as much as conceptual) homology between this assertion and Badiou's own inaesthetic conception of cinema as 'the passage of the idea, perhaps even of its phantom'?
Further, his inaesthetic conception of art accordingly allows room principally for the literal arts, making it difficult to properly grasp those arts which fall outside of this category.
(23) Returning then to the case of cinema it is clear that we encounter in fact not one but two complicated passages: of the idea through the image (the artistic or aesthetic passage), and of the image through the letter (the philosophic or inaesthetic passage).
Rather, given the fundamental importance placed on the artistic condition in Badiou's philosophy (insofar as it constitutes--in its thinking of the event--the nexal point of his materialist dialectic), the purpose of this paper has been less to establish the conditions of cinematic thought per se than to critically examine Badiou's inaesthetic programme by way of cinema.
KEYWORDS: Badiou; Inaesthetics; Cinema; Idea; Letter; Matheme; Deleuze; Appearance; Movement
(6) Accordingly within Badiou's artistic system or his 'inaesthetics'--inaesthetics being namely his approach to art which restricts its considerations to 'the strictly intraphilosophical effects produced by the existence of some works of art' (LM 12) (7)--the 'imperial poem' takes pride of place.
There is of course another basis for the hegemony of the letter in Badiou's inaesthetics. Simply, given the fundamental role played by subtraction and the void in his philosophy--and given that it is art and art alone that thinks the event (which itself issues forth from the void)--we might conclude that the more artistic a work is then the more intimate its relation to the letter qua matheme (this being again an asymptotic approach: art, be it literal or otherwise, can of course never be properly reduced to the mark of the void).
Ranciere, Jacques, 'Aesthetics, Inaesthetics, Anti-Aesthetics, in Peter Hallward (ed.) Think Again: Alain Badiou and the Future of Philosophy, London, Continuum, 2004, pp.