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in an expedient manner


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In an away league game against San Juan, the dog inadvisably strayed on to the playing area and Jiminez reportedly tried to hurl it back into the stands.
Even if something is certainly wrong--even if a couple of times he has inadvisably downed his medication with a lot of booze, admitting to Brannan that he doesn't care if he dies; even if he once came closer to striking her than she ever, ever, ever could have imagined before he went to war--Caleb knows that a person whose problem is essentially that he can't adapt to peacetime Alabama sounds, to many, like a pussy.
I look at it like malls - there will be some massive Westfield-like destinations, but also a resurgence of the independent, creative part of the city." Charman-Anderson expects the platform wars between Facebook and Twitter - most recently played out in feature-cutting between the latter and Facebook-owned Instagram - to intensify, with Twitter inadvisably cutting yet more support for third-party clients.
I know that in France it's legal to bet on horseracing while publicly and inadvisably drunk on Ricard, but I'm not sure if you can do it while sober and fully clothed in a hotel room through the auspices of a company based in Gibraltar.
Prior to the Syrian uprising, Turkey had warmly embraced the Assad regime, perhaps inadvisably given its poor human rights record and Washington's disapproval.
He was even made the subject of tribute T-shirts, which Liverpool players inadvisably wore in the warm-up for a match at Wigan.
inadvisably ceded judicial authority by using the political question
In this well-conceived reference, two volumes contain 500 alphabetically-arranged entries pertaining to nanotechnology--not to the technical aspects, but rather to the societal implications insofar as these implications are being anticipated, seriously studied, and seriously hyped or inadvisably dismissed.
I don't like using the word "clueless" inadvisably, but any other explanation leaves me hard pressed to understand how the company could not foresee that this particular move at this particular time would be like red meat thrown to starving lions (that is, Democrats after Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts).
health will be inadvisably compromised by an invasive abortion.
Back at the day job, Ritchie hasn't had much to celebrate after two massive big-screen flops, Swept Away (inadvisably starring the missus) and the impenetrable Revolver.
"inadvisably prevent[ing] the state from considering anything
You don't see people sitting over holiday meals reading and while they do, inadvisably in most summer tourist areas, walk round studying books, it always turns out to be travel guides.
recently introduced, which would inadvisably prevent the state from
As a child I saw giant icicles hanging from roofs, made ice slides and igloos and walked on frozen ponds (inadvisably).