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Synonyms for inadmissible

Synonyms for inadmissible

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not deserving to be admitted


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Geologists formerly would have brought into play the violent action of some overwhelming debacle; but in thi case such a supposition would have been quite inadmissible because, the same step-like plains with existing sea-shell lying on their surface, which front the long line of the Patagonian coast, sweep up on each side of the valley of Sant Cruz.
It is quite scandalous, for she is absolutely inadmissible into society.
My friends the wood-cutters were likewise scandalized, and with a better show of reason--though I admit that the reason itself was quite inadmissible. Oh, quite!
Weller entertained a firm and unalterable conviction that the Old Bailey was the supreme court of judicature in this country, and that its rules and forms of proceeding regulated and controlled the practice of all other courts of justice whatsoever, he totally disregarded the assurances and arguments of his son, tending to show that the alibi was inadmissible; and vehemently protested that Mr.
Celestine's little feet, covered with fine silk stockings and turk-satin shoes (for silk-satin is inadmissible in deep mourning) were of elegant proportions.
"CBP officers encountered nearly 139,000 inadmissible individuals at land ports of entry (POEs) in fiscal year 2018.
He argued that he was convicted and sentenced on the basis of inadmissible evidence, unproven documents and statements of proxy witnesses which is not permissible in the eye of law.
Chisem asserts that since these statements implicated only Davis, they were not admissible for two reasons: (1) because Davis exercised his Fifth Amendment right not to testify, and Chisem was unable to cross-examine Davis regarding these statements, Chisem argues that his right to confrontation was violated; and (2) that even if there was no confrontation violation, the testimony relating to these statements by Davis would have been inadmissible hearsay at a separate trial against Chisem.
figure By DAVID MWERE National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi wants the Public Accounts Committee's recommendation calling for the removal of electoral agency commissioners over last year's election blunders expunged from its report.Mr Muturi on Thursday ruled that the recommendation by the Opiyo Wandayi-led committee is offensive, thus inadmissible for debate.
It is utterly inadmissible to have this state of apartheid that has been established by the authorities of RS, and the discriminatory relationship towards members of other constituent peoples.
Voluntary but inadmissible !-- -- This case involves an admission or confession of guilt made while under police investigation and before being charged in court.
Of these, over Rs4bn was reported for inadmissible adjustment of Sales Tax and Rs2.2bn under the head of non-payment of assessed government dues.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Statements by US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo concerning the dispatch of Russian strategic bombers to Venezuela are inadmissible and unprofessional, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary on Tuesday.
Solano Street in San Miguel, Manila -just 600 meters away from Malacanang Palace-was 'inadmissible as evidence' because it was 'planted.'