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Synonyms for inadmissible

Synonyms for inadmissible

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not deserving to be admitted


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Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Alexander Lukasevic, as cited by ITAR-TASS, condemned Plevnelievas comments in a Thursday statement, stressing that Bulgariaas head of state was using inadmissible rhetoric against Moscow ato the benefit of a pro-Western conjuncture that ignores reality and neglects centuries-old traditions of friendly relations and cooperation between the brotherly peoples of Russia and Bulgaria.
After a week-long trial, city sheriff Tom Hughes threw out the case as photos of the incident submitted by the Crown were inadmissible.
They didn't find out Valtierra had been declared inadmissible until they were applying for her visa as a fiancee of a U.
BARDO (TAP) - The impeachment motion against the President of the Republic was considered inadmissible during the plenary session of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA)held, on Wednesday, devoted to the examination of the conditions of admissibility of the motion.
An intelligence report written by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said 19 Iranian nationals had been found inadmissible to Canada on security grounds from 2008 to 2012--the majority of them refugee claimants lacking proper documentation.
Par Nevine Ahmed Appels a la demission de Mekki Punir un juge est inadmissible Ampleur internationale Le bras de fer entre le pouvoir judiciaire et l'administration egyptienne s'amplifie davantage.
High Court judge Mrs Justice Cox ruled that the confessions the father-ofthree made to killing both women when first interviewed were inadmissible because the officer leading the hunt, Det Supt Steve Fulcher, failed to caution Halliwell and denied him a solicitor.
THE collapse of a multimillionpound case involving two Cleveland detectives and a retired colleague sparked calls for a Government shake-up after the judge ruled telephone tap evidence central to the prosecution case was inadmissible.
Libya respectfully submits that this case is inadmissible on the grounds that its national judicial system is actively investigating Mr Gaddafi and Mr Al-Senussi for their alleged criminal responsibility for multiple acts of murder and persecution, amounting to crimes against humanity," said the application which was distributed to the press by the Hague-based ICC today.
The key witness commits suicide, so his testimony is deemed inadmissible, and the only other person who can help has been in jail for a year after being found guilty of murder.
He said it was inadmissible to take a holy scripture to court.
During what was Kepiro's third and last trial, doubt had been cast on the reliability of documents dating back almost seven decades, and testimony by long-dead witnesses from earlier trials was ruled inadmissible.
The suspect was arrested, but evidence from the identity parade - from which the victim picked him out - was ruled inadmissible after the court heard the victim and witnesses had viewed the suspect's Facebook photo "many times".
ACTOR Michael Sheen, below, is returning to the West End stage after signing up for a four-month run in the theatre classic Inadmissible Evidence.
Unsurprisingly, McLaren's appeal into the retrospective 25-second drive-through penalty handed to Hamilton after the Belgian Grand Prix earlier this month was ruled inadmissible by the FIA.