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unacceptability as a consequence of not being admissible

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Citizenship and Immigration Services, APHA opposed the Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds rule, which would deny permanent residency and certain visas to U.S.
The two leaders stressed inadmissibility of escalation of tensions in the region.
The Assembly on Friday cast a majority vote in favor of a resolution titled "Syrian Golan," thereby reemphasizing the principle of the inadmissibility of acquiring lands belonging to others by force as per international law and the UN charter, in addition to reemphasizing that the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.
!-- -- If a person commits certain immigration violations (such as fraud, or overstaying in the US for over six months and then departing, etc.), the person may not be eligible to receive a green card, unless the person applies for, and is granted, a "waiver of inadmissibility" (or "forgiveness") on a Form I-601.
According to the DHS, the proposed regulation defines "a public charge to be a person who receives certain public benefits above certain defined threshold amounts or for longer than certain periods of time." It added that "importantly, by law, the public charge inadmissibility determination is a prospective determination based on the totality of the circumstances, which includes statutorily required factors such as age, health, family status, assets, resources, financial status, education and skills." The DHS noted that the proposed rule would be officially published in the Federal Register in the coming weeks.
The changes in the medical inadmissibility rules of Canada's Immigration Act are also happy news for a mother in Mohali Punjab who hopes the amendments will give her 14-year-old daughter with special needs easy access to permanent resident status.
Among his preliminary conclusions are that in certain areas there still is no consensus; that tribunals are inclined to characterize objections as jurisdictional, and rarely resort to admissibility; that findings of inadmissibility draw a judgment on the claimant or the claim's property; and that tribunals fail to distinguish jurisdiction from admissibility, The second part sets these concepts into the wider framework of public international law litigation.
Specifically, I would like to see the nation change how it makes inadmissibility decisions about people with HIV who apply to live in Canada.
In its comprehensive written response to the ICJ, the statement said, Pakistan had sought dismissal of the suit for lack of the Court's jurisdiction to entertain the RMI's claims and the inadmissibility of its application.
Upon their return, they are considered legal residents after having cured their only ground of inadmissibility, which is 'unlawful presence' through approval of their provisional waiver.
The author identifies sources of law that must be considered by decision makers in refugee inadmissibility and exclusion cases, and specifies three aspects of the defence of duress that are critical in this context: temporal connection, implied threats and the modified objective standard.
During the meeting, the Kyrgyz side mentioned upon the inadmissibility of the use of weapons against the population, if there is no threat to the life and safety of servicemen.
He noted that the experts in Brussels had been shocked by the idea to sign projects stipulating retroactive effect, adding that the inadmissibility of the proposal meant that they would have to be reviewed under new regulations.
The Article 4 of the traffic rules was discussed prominently at the meeting which talks about inadmissibility of changes in the use of the vehicles, its bases, replacement of the engines, structures, colours or any substantial part, without any prior permission.