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unsatisfactoriness by virtue of being inadequate


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The "natural head start" of Afrikan children, is too often thwarted, stagnated, negated, or reversed by inappropriateness or inadequateness of these seminal factors.
(12) In his "Call for a Literary Historian," which also appeared in 1924, Pattee rejects the extant literary histories as "stereotyped" and "timid," arguing, much as Lawrence had done in his 1922 Foreword to Studies, that "if American literature has suffered from any single inadequateness that inadequateness has been in its criticism." Because Lawrence's "amazing volume" is "detached from class-room thinking," it is a model for the kind of "fearless" new literary histories that Pattee advocates (134-40).
The standard of education is unchecked while research work in homeopathy is a remote fact, he said and claimed that inadequateness and incompetence of members of the council are the main reasons.
Indeed, no masculine "body" could reflect that national dread better than Alfredo Landa's devaluated and comedic inadequateness.
The role of the Opposition is to develop alternative policies and expose the government's misdoings, misconducts and/or inadequateness. The Opposition, of course, aims to obtain power by gaining public support during the election periods.
These vines and cellar practices produced wines of poor quality that were often fortified with alcohol to cover up their inadequateness. In 1960, the most widely planted grape variety in New Zealand was the American variety Isabella and only 12 percent of the wine that was produced was table wine (Halliday, 2000).
In addition to the inadequateness of fit, there was the concern that this category, if subsumed by another, could get overlooked and not afforded the prominence it was due (based on participant reports) in the final grounded theory.