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the process of rendering inactive

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p53 helps with this balancing act in the female embryo by producing normal levels of Xist RNA, part of an intricate molecular process important for X chromosome inactivation. This, in turn, leads to healthy neural tube development.
Inactivation protocols of viral stock materials must be validated on a case-by-case basis.
The inactivation function will be 0% if the stimulation does not change the number of spikes of pathologic neuron and 100% if the neuron activity is turned back to the physiologic one.
Skewed X-inactivation is defined as inactivation of 75-80% of cells in the same allele [18].
The degree of inactivation was determined by evaluating the log (N/N0) versus time, where N0 (CFU/g) was the number of microorganisms initially present in the unprocessed sample and N (CFU/g) was the number of survivors after the processing.
Various methods have been reported for measuring ALP isoenzymes, among which immunoradioactive assay, [1,2] immunoassay, [3] isoelectric focusing, [4] electrophoresis techniques, [5,6] monoclonal antibody, [7] inhibition with chemical compounds such as urea, [8] heat inactivation and precipitation techniques [8,9] can be enumerated.
Effect of Cordycepin on [I.sub.Na] Steady-State Inactivation. Figure 3(a) illustrates effects of cordycepin on voltage dependence of steady-state inactivation after examination with a dual-pulse protocol.
In the present study, we investigated whether or not the three charged residues (R46, R54, and R74) in the TM1 and TM2 domains of MscS are involved in the voltage-dependent inactivation by using patch-clamp technique and hypoosmotic shock experiment.
The 4/1 IBCT's plan for inactivation included the same lines of effort that all inactivating units follow: training and operations, equipment divestiture, personnel divestiture, and facilities transfer.
It is known that these types of plasma can be used in various applications like surface modification, inactivation of organisms etc.
Viral Inactivation Market by Product (Kits, Reagents, Systems, Services), Application (Stem Cell, Blood, Tissue, Cell & Gene Therapy), Method (Solvent Detergent, Pasteurization) & End User (Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology, CROs) - Global Forecast to 2021
Based on the diverse possibilities of requirements for enzymes from the various fruit species used by the juice industry, the kinetic parameters of enzyme inactivation are of great importance for the process design and industrialization of such produce.
The resulting effect of the 2011 sequester was the inactivation of 13 brigade combat teams (BCTs) and three aviation brigades.
Chapman, a biophysicist and consultant to radiation medicine companies and institutions, and Nahum, a physics researcher at a cancer center in the UK, describe tumor cell inactivation from a radiation physics perspective and the linear-quadratic parameters for modeling tumor and normal tissue responses in radiotherapy.