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in an inaccurate manner


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REGARDING Dr Robyn LAwis' letter in the Daily Post (October 6), Dr LAwis draws a parallel between Estonian athletes' refusal to compete in the Moscow Olympics if the Soviet flag were to be used should they win medals and Welsh athletes having to "endure" the Great British Union Flag (or Union Jack as he inaccurately calls itSo are all Welsh athletes going to follow the Estonian example or are they to take the route of expediency and enter under the banner of Great Britain but proclaim their "Welshness" should they be successful?
ITL has a deep awareness of the linguistic and aesthetic styles of many cultures, and is aware that a direct translation could often be "too literal", or reproduced inaccurately. It prides itself on translating the "very essence of the message".
The guide also inaccurately portrayed Kerry's position on permanently extending the $1,000 child tax credit Kerry was listed as opposing the extension, but Michael Meehan, a senior official for the Kerry campaign, called that "patently false."
Leadbelly and Big Bill Broonzy in particular, Wald notes, were inaccurately branded Negro bumpkins.
My work and the way I disseminate it have often been inaccurately associated with that of fashion and advertising photographers who "cross over" into art.
In addition, $147 million of unliquidated operating obligations was inaccurately recorded because of problem disbursements--payments not properly matched to the correct obligation.
Scots Tory spokesman James Douglas-Hamilton said he was "absolutely appalled" crimes were inaccurately recorded.
He contradicted himself endlessly, calling one day for a color-blind society, but asserting racial pride on the next; denouncing Alexander Dumas, inaccurately, for ignoring his racial obligations, then denouncing the African-American press for being obsessed with racial claims; chiding Alexander Crummell for cautioning against the constant recollection of slavery, then accusing African Americans of excessively pleading their special grievances.
And its artistic heritage is being looted: The Bolshoi name is being used inaccurately abroad and.
The investigators also cautioned that currently available statistics regarding type, volume, size and number of subacute programs may be inaccurately reported, especially if the data gathered were dependent upon a telephone or survey report, as opposed to a site visit.
For example, a ninth-century illustration of the story of Adam and Eve is said to heavily underscore the negative role of women (although the illustration merely follows the Bible, with Adam and Eve being forbidden the fruit and then both eating it anyway after the serpent urges it on Eve), and the final panel, in which Eve nurses a child while Adam hoes, is said, highly inaccurately, to show that men's labor "was one way to open the closed doors of paradise".
Even if there had been no Vietnam, the OEO would have been in political trouble; Johnson himself soon turned against it, feeling (not inaccurately) that it was a nest of admirers of his archenemy, Robert Kennedy.
The article inaccurately described her view of residents' sentiments.
These being that it was never registered at all, it was registered or copied inaccurately, it was indexed inaccurately (the indexes have many examples of hand-written additions) or it did not take place in England and Wales.
But the family claimed his name was "blackened" when at least one paper inaccurately reported he had previous convictions.