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Synonyms for inaccurate

Synonyms for inaccurate

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not exact

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It is accurate if I met Jones, inaccurate if I met Brown, but precise in either case as against the mere recollection that I met a man.
The "degree of accuracy" of an instrument which is a reliable measurer is the ratio of the difference of response to the difference of stimulus in cases where the difference of stimulus is small.* That is to say, if a small difference of stimulus produces a great difference of response, the instrument is very accurate; in the contrary case, very inaccurate.
"Nay, nay," said Don Quixote at this; "on that point of the bells Master Pedro is very inaccurate, for bells are not in use among the Moors; only kettledrums, and a kind of small trumpet somewhat like our clarion; to ring bells this way in Sansuena is unquestionably a great absurdity."
There, seated before a walnut table he had brought with him from Hartwell, and to which, from one of those fancies not uncommon to great people, he was particularly attached, the king, Louis XVIII., was carelessly listening to a man of fifty or fifty-two years of age, with gray hair, aristocratic bearing, and exceedingly gentlemanly attire, and meanwhile making a marginal note in a volume of Gryphius's rather inaccurate, but much sought-after, edition of Horace -- a work which was much indebted to the sagacious observations of the philosophical monarch.
Either he dodged, however, or my aim was inaccurate; for all I accomplished was the demolition of the crystal which protected the dial of the clock upon the mantel-piece.
Hence arises, as I have found to my cost, a constant tendency to fill up the wide gaps of knowledge, by inaccurate and superficial hypotheses.
My name is Marian Halcombe; and I am as inaccurate as women usually are, in calling Mr.
[1] A slightly inaccurate quotation from Hamlet, Act III, scene I, lines 369-370.
Next, here are honest and well intentioned persons, who by a want of tact--by inaccurate perceptions--by a distorting imagination--have been kept continually at cross purposes with the world and bewildered upon the path of life.
His movements were slow, fumbling, and inaccurate, accompanied by panting and head-swimming, as he dragged himself into a sitting-up position in the stern, his rifle beside him.
[Footnote: Vivid though inaccurate pictures of life and events at the time of the Norman Conquest are given in Bulwer-Lytton's 'Harold' and Charles Kingsley's 'Hereward the Wake.' Tennyson's tragedy 'Harold' is much better than either, though more limited in scope.]
Additionally, any person who fails to declare an offshore asset to the income tax commissioner or furnishes inaccurate particulars of an offshore asset and the revenue impact of such concealment or furnishing of an accurate particular is Rs10m or more will commit an offence punishable on conviction with imprisonment up to three years or with a fine up to Rs500,000 or both.
CELTIC have hit back in the war of words with Albion - branding Luke Dowling's comments about Oliver Burke's treatment 'ridiculous and completely inaccurate'.
WEST Midlands Police condemned "completely inaccurate" Twitter posts which claim a video showing street violence was filmed in Birmingham.