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Synonyms for inaccuracy

Synonyms for inaccuracy

an act or thought that unintentionally deviates from what is correct, right, or true

Antonyms for inaccuracy

the quality of being inaccurate and having errors

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Mr Entwistle, who lasted just 54 days as director-general, has corrected the evidence he gave to the Pollard Review because it contained an inaccuracy about when he was made aware of an ITV documentary which made claims about Savile's sexual abuse.
This entire process can take up to twelve days, during which time the emergency service has to wait for that inaccuracy to be corrected.
This proves beneficial effect of rubber pressure on decreasing inaccuracy after bending.
The co-editors reply: We regret the inaccuracy in the article, which arose from a misunderstanding in the reporting of the issue.
The inaccuracy must be careless or deliberate or deliberate and concealed.
At a ceremony in Dudley marking the 50th anniversary of the tragic crash, the glaring inaccuracy on a sympathy card to the legendary Manchester United player signed from the town's Labour MP Ian Austin and three local councillors reads "on this 25th anniversary of your tragic death".
If you find an inaccuracy, maybe a wrong address or you paid a bill on time, but the record shows late payment, the first thing you should do is to go to the original creditor," she says.
While we appreciate your interest in M&G, I just wanted to alert you to a factual inaccuracy in the article ["Panorama," April 2005].
From solving poor lighting and color inaccuracy problems to restoring missing image details and saving images with exposure problems, Get The Image You Want comes packed with color examples and solutions.
Along with saving compounders money by not overfeeding costly additives, K-Tron hopes it will also show up the inaccuracy of competing feeder brands.
I am sorry for any inaccuracy in my characterization of Zak Smith's work.
January/February 2004 issue of the Humanist), contains a significant inaccuracy in its opening sentence: "The Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual and temporal leader in exile and the man Buddhists believe to be the fourteenth incarnation of the Buddha of Compassion .
I would hope you correct this particular inaccuracy in future articles and take care about these issues in the future.
The three unveiled a bluestone paver on the southeast side of the plaza that was carved especially to commemorate the anniversary and to correct a historical inaccuracy on the foundation stone by crediting Joseph Francois Mangin along with John McComb, Jr.
That performance was marred by the corps' inaccuracy in the militarily precise opening movement, but otherwise flawlessly danced.