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Synonyms for inaccuracy

Synonyms for inaccuracy

an act or thought that unintentionally deviates from what is correct, right, or true

Antonyms for inaccuracy

the quality of being inaccurate and having errors

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NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-11 November 2003-Intrum Justitia AB posts 9-month operating loss of SEK21.6m after SEK184m provision to cover accounting inaccuracies in the UK(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Thank you for pointing out the inaccuracies and for clarifying the position of the Board.
"Frankly it has been disappointing to read the inaccuracies and hope that this brings clarity and finalisation to this matter."
Taken together these inaccuracies and distortions fell very far short of what should be expected of a newspaper at any time, never mind in the days before an election
Any inaccuracies in molding media thermal properties are expected to magnify as the industry moves toward thin-walled casting capability to improve productivity and meet customer needs.
Dr Stotter and her colleague found inaccuracies in recorded dates of diagnosis at Trent Cancer Registry.
An abusive return "may" contain inaccuracies that "may" lead to an understatement of tax.
Conversely, the English version most widely used this century - translated by Morris Hicky Morgan and first published in 1914 - has been criticized for inaccuracies, an overly grand literary style and poor illustrations.
If you saw or read about the series, you'll recall the shows claimed they sought to address whether women's rights could be advanced without "a retreat" on the part of men, and stated that efforts to achieve gender equity had created "a time bomb ticking at the foundation of our society." Episode titles included "The War on Boys" and "Title IX & Women in Sports: What's Wrong With This Picture?" These presentation s were largely funded by right-wing foundations, and the series was filled with inaccuracies and misinformation, and presented a relentlessly anti-woman, anti-feminist perspective--and yet packaged by PBS as impartial journalism.
In addition, modern astronomy has found errors in the Gregorian calendar that produce slight inaccuracies in setting dates.
She went through Glasco's fax, pointing out what she felt were inaccuracies, such as board minutes not indicating any strong objections by Glasco to Swan Lake.
Although it will be difficult for the government to prove that Microsoft actually tampered with the tape during the editing process, forcing its chief technical expert to admit there were inaccuracies will nonetheless serve to reduce the software giant's credibility in the eyes of the judge.
According to the information the Commission has received, there may be inaccuracies and gaps in the environmental impact assessment made for the Drogenbos incinerator, which the competent authority declared to be in conformity (error in calculating the plant's nominal capacity, failure to assess the impact of carbon dioxide emissions, inaccuracy in the assessment of the transport and traffic implications, determination of fall-out of polluting substances on the basis of a model not taking account of the close proximity of the cooling tower of a neighbouring power station).
Among minor inaccuracies in the text, it may be noted that the rear three rows of the crowd to the left of the Antichrist do not stand on marble or stone steps forming a sort of amphitheater (52; this is a misunderstanding of Signorelli's means of painting cast shadows); that Saint Vincent Ferrer was not a patron saint of Signorelli's home town of Cortona (96; the patron of Cortona is Saint Vincent of Saragossa, deacon and martyr); that fig.
Air pollution analysts "have worried for many years about the suspected large inaccuracies in these emissions inventories," observes Charles W.